2015 Skill Awards Challenge Round Up

The Royal Caledonian Curling Club’s Skill Awards Challenge took place at Dewars Centre, Perth on Sunday 8th November and it was the Dundee rink of Alex MacIntosh, Caitlin Jones, Jamie Meade and Alastair Ferguson (pictured right with RCCC Ladies Branch President Marion Fraser) who came out top as High Road Winners against their Ayr opposition of Alistair Middleton, Karen Shepherd, Murray McHarg, David Murray and Logan Middleton (pictured below).

Dundee had the hammer in the first end of the four ends final and took a one after Alex was short with a draw for two. Both teams struggled with weight in the second end and there were no stones in the house as the skips lined up to take their shots. Three skip stones sailed through the back and Alastair blanked the end for Ayr with his last stone.

Ayr High Road Runners Up webIn the third end with teams still getting to grips with the pace of the ice, Alex drew against two counters with her last stone forcing Alastair to try a run back with his last stone; Dundee pick up the steal to lead 2-0 going into the final end.

This was a clean open end and it was Dundee who ended the game with a lovely hit and stick to win.

Sixteen teams competed at the event, a fantastic turn out, with all participating curlers having already achieved one of the RCCC’s Skill Awards.

Low Road
Low Road Winners (left): Stranraer 1 – Andrew Gilmore, Robyn Munro, Robin Lyon, Harry Hay
Low Road Runners Up (right): Forfar 1 – James Craik, Sam Marshall, Eilidh Troup, Fraser Swanston
Stranraer 1 Low Road Winners web  Forfar Low Road Runners Up web

Fun Challenge (Draw shot normal then blindfold)
Girls Winner (Left) – Emily Broadwood (pictured with RCCC Development Manager Fiona Kennedy)
Boys Winner (Middle) – Ross Craik (after second round as tie after first)
Boys Runner Up (Right) – Kyle McLain
Girls Fun Challenge Winner Emily Broadwood web Boys Fun Challenge Winner Ross Craik web Boys Skill Challenge Runner Up Kyle McLain web

RT @CurlingScores: Glynhill Ladies International (4): Isabella Wrana 6, Maggie Wilson 1 [FINAL] https://t.co/XVyQ3XqmES #curling


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