Board Members

Rob Niven (2018)

Helen Hally (2019)
Graeme Adam (2019)
David Hardie (2020)
Hugh Templeton (2020)
Susan Kesley (2020)
Jim Cullen (President, 2018)
Bruce Crawford (CEO)

Graham Lindsay (Vice President, 2018)
Margaret Pottie (Ladies Branch President, 2018)
Judith McCleary (Head of Development, Attendee)
Graeme Thompson (Performance Director, Attendee)

Note: The year in brackets represents the year in which the person’s current term of office comes to an end and they either come off the Board or can stand for re-election.

Meeting Dates for 2017-18

Wednesday 4th Oct 2017
Tuesday 12th Dec 2017
Tuesday 13th Feb 2018
Tuesday 17th April 2018

Minutes of Meetings

Board Minutes 24-04-2017
Board Minutes 21-01-2017

Board Minutes 08-12-2016
Board Minutes 22-09-2016
Board Minutes 04-08-2016
Board Minute 05-05-2016
Board Minute 30 01 2016

Board Minutes 08-12-2015
Board Minutes 24 09 2015
Board Minutes 06-08-2015
Board Minutes 13-06-2015
Board Minutes 23-04-2015
Board Minutes 19-02-2015

Grand Match

Please note that older minutes / notes can be obtained by contacting the RCCC Office

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2011-2015
Strategic Plan 2015-19

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