The Incoming Canadian Tour: November 2010

NameProvCommittee Title
Donna DuffettNLTour Captain
Maureen MillerNWTAsst Captain
Fran ToddONSocial Coordinator
Jane BaggettaONPhotographer
Monique TaylorNBAsst Photographer
Cindy McfeetersALClothing
Elizabeth LacasseNLEntertainment
Donna SameotoNSAsst Entertainment
Esther DyckALAsst Entertainment
Anna ActonNBBanners and flags
Kathleen MackenzieBCgifts
Wendy OndrackNWTBus Captain
Sharon CameronNBMedical
Linda AveryNSHistorian
Allison WeagleNSAsst Historian
Shiela ComptonPEIBrooms Caddy week 1
Kim TaylorNSBrooms Caddy week 1
Leona WilliamsNSBrooms Caddy week 2
Jennifer GosseNLBrooms Caddy week 2
Lorraine WarnBCBrooms Caddy week 3
Helen StewardNOBrooms Caddy week 3
Janice LaidlawBC 
Linda JuurlinkNS 
Gloria TurnerNB

RT @evemuirhead: Last competition before the Olympics 🇬🇧 kicks off today! Game at 5.30pm...#HomeSoil 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Pop along to @intuBraehead and…


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