Rink Child Protection Officers.

The Royal Caledonian Curling Club, working in partnership with Childrens1st and Sportscotland, has adopted the Child Protection Officer for sports initiative. Our associated organisations agree, with our modification to deploy local Rink Child protection officers rather than the generic sport “Club Child Protection Officers” due to the nature of our sport.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to view the list of current officers and the roles of a RCPO.

The RCCC has made efforts to recruit and train Rink Child Protection Officers* for every rink**.

All local RCPOs are fully supported by the Lead Child Protection officer;

Lindsey Web

Lead Child Protection Officer

Lindsey Booth

tel – 0131 333 3003 Ext. 2003

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This list below details the local RCPO in your area; (Alphabetical by rink)



Maggi Palmer

Click here to email

tel – is 01224 749 212







East Kilbride

Bill Linley

Click here to email

tel – 01355 229 517








David Howard

Click here to email

tel – 01475 522 477








Anne Hood

Click here to email

tel – 01698 350 926








Annette Clunas

click here to email

tel – 01463 710 491








Paul Baughan

Click here to email

tel – 07754 285 162








David Ramsay

Click here to email

tel – 07771 614 344








Gail Munro

click here to email

tel – 01776 704 413








Alison Clark

Click here to email 

tel – 07946 891 231






Within ice rinks the RCCC Rink Child Protection Officers will:

  • Be supported by RCCC and be appropriately trained.
  • Implement and promote RCCC Child Protection Policy and Procedures.
  • Regularly report to the Committee.
  • Act as the main contact within the Ice Rink for the protection of children.
  • Encourage good practice and support of procedures to protect children.
  • Keep abreast of developments and understand the latest information on data protection, confidentiality and other legal issues that impact on the protection of children.
  • Communicate with RCCC Lead Child Protection Officer.
  • Maintain confidential records of reported cases, action taken, liaise with the statutory agencies and ensure they have access to all necessary information.
  • Report cases, concerns and action taken to RCCC Child Protection Officer.
  • Attend training on the protection of children and organise appropriate training for other members.
  • Establish and maintain contact with local statutory agencies including the police and social work services.
  • Monitor and review the Child Protection Policy and procedures for their rink.
  • Ensure there are mechanisms in place for quality assurance.

It is NOT the RCPO role to enforce policy and guidance on our clubs and members, rather to provide guidance, translation and advice relating to Child Protection issues for all of our clubs and members. As a well known face in their local rink the RCPO will be able to dispell myths and provide support at a local level.



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