Asham Under 21 Slam Presentations

This season saw four existing Under 21 competitions coming together to form the Asham Under 21 Slam, supported by the Royal Caledonian Curling Club.

By working in partnership and adding an incentive of  £1000 for the top junior men’s team and £1000 for the top junior women’s team, it was hoped to encourage more entries for each event. It certainly worked with a total of 31 teams playing this season!

The first Asham Under 21 Slam event was held at Kinross where time-clocks were introduced to simulate Scottish Curling Junior Championships and give teams an opportunity to practice playing with time clocks in operation.

In the 2nd event at Inverness, 10 end games were introduced and a quiz was held on the Saturday night. A Polish junior men’s team and the English junior men joined the field of competitors and enjoyed their Highland hospitality.

Lockerbie was delighted to host 24 teams for the 3rd Asham Under 21 Slam event after having had to cancel last year’s event due to a lack of entries. The Dutch junior men’s’ teams and English junior men’s’ and junior women’s teams also competed giving it an international flavour.

Greenacres hosted the last Asham Under 21 Slam event in January which was a good opportunity for teams to practice before the Scottish Curling Junior Championships.

Asham U21 Slam M Winners 2Feedback from the competition organisers and participating teams has generally been positive and there will be a review during the summer to try and further improve the Asham Under 21 Slam for future years.

Bruce Mouat’s team of Duncan Menzies, Derrick Sloan, Angus Dowell and coach Colin Morrison dominated the junior men’s events by winning all 3 events that they competed in and finishing with a total of 45 points. In second place was Robin Brydone’s team with a total of 40 points.

Katie Murray and her team of Sophie Jackson, Laura Ritchie, Jodie Milroy, Heather Morton and coach Barbara McPake were the successful winners in the junior women’s section of the Asham Under 21 Slam. They secured 49 points by winning the Inverness and Lockerbie events, finishing runner up to Gina Aitken at Kinross and reaching the semi-final at Greenacres.

Bruce and Katie’s teams were presented with their cheques for £1000 and individual Asham trophies at the Scottish Curling Junior Championships on Sunday.

Thank you to Asham Curling Supplies for their support and to all the competition organising committees. Congratulations to both teams who will no doubt be back to contend again in season 2014-15.

Photos courtesy of Tom Brydone.

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