Brown & Nelson win National Masters

Sandy Nelson (Men) & Lois Brown (Women) win the National Masters Championships

Greenacres Curling Club sponsored the Championships 8 to 11 March 201

The 27 rinks were favoured with fast and very good swinging ice.

Two closely fought men’s semi-finals Stevenson (2) v Nelson (5) & Bryson (4) v Linton (5).

Congratulations go to rink of Sandy Nelson, Willie Paterson, Alan Barr & Donnie Scott.  Runners up of Bill Linton, Willie Nicoll, Ron Mathewson & Alistair McCabe.

In the Final Linton was heavy with a draw for two at end one.  Nelson had a chance of a three at end 2 but just missed 1 – 1. Nelson stole two shot at the 3rd end which gave them a two shot lead.  Linton played a great draw to the four foot against four at end 4. 3 – 2.  Nelson had to take one at 5.  Linton only got one at 6 when a two was on. 4 – 3 after end 6. A steal for Linton at 7, 4 – 4 playing the last.  Nelson did not need to play his last stone at last to win 5 – 4.

The Women’s semi-finals Brown (5) v Wilson (3) & Turnbull (4) v MacDonald (9)

Congratulations also go to Lois Brown, Jean McMaster, Sandra Walker & Sandie Byers.  Runners up of Annette MacDonald, Raye Rickard, Mary Paterson & Fiona Glass.

In the Final MacDonald stole two shots at the first.  Brown hit back with a two at end 2 to tie the game 2 – 2.  A great draw by MacDonald gave her a two at end 3. Brown one back at 4 & stole one at 5.  4 – 4. MacDonald 6 inch to far Brown steals a two. 6 – 4 Brown after end 6. MacDonald hit back with a draw for two at 7 peels playing the last. Brown took three at the last without having to play the last stone. 8 – 6.

Thanks to all at Greenacres for a very well run weekend.

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