Drills and Coaching Aids


Listed below is a range of drill and practices. There are more being compiled as this is an ongoing project and more download will be added.

Purpose – Each drill has been designed with a specific purpose or skill to enhance the curlers’ performance.
No. of players – Depending on class or club size, some drills may not be suitable as they require more participants than available.
Difficulty Level – The drills are listed in order of difficulty. The difficulty level, or star rating, is on scale of one to five where one is the easiest and five the most difficult.

It should be noted that a curler’s range of ability, in certain areas of technique, may require different level drills. eg a curler’s delivery after some coaching may change in technique, a low level weight control drill would be required until new delivery is comfortable.

NamePurposeNo of PlayersDifficulty Level
Polo DrivingBalanceAny1Download
Short CurlingGame play & Team Roles2+1Download
SkittlesLine up & BalanceAny1Download
Ten pin CurlingLine up & BalanceAny1Download
Tic tac CurlingTactics4+1Download
Tunnel TrainingLine up & BalanceAny1Download
W ControlLine up & DirectionAny1Download
Pop goes the WeaselAnglesAny2 / 4Download
Pop cornLine up & AnglesAny2 / 4Download
CirclesSweeping stamina / Talent Assessment8+3Download
Crazy eightsTake out shot practiceAny3Download
Follow the LeaderShot playing practice2+3Download
Hide & SeekLine & Weight Control4+3Download
Keep AwaySweeping stanima / Weight control4+3Download
KipperWeight Control2+3Download
Progressive HoglineWeight Control2+3Download
Round the ClockWeight Control2+3Download
Las VegasLine & Weight Control2, 4 or 84Download
Line DancingLine & Weight Control4+4Download
Picket FencesTake out practice2+4Download
Climb the ladderWeight Control45Download
Roll OverShot play & AnglesAny5Download

More drills are in the Scottish Curling & Coaching Aids folders available in your ice rink. Please note some drills have acknowledged sources while other drills and coaching aids are attributed to RCCC. When using any Drills or Coaching Aids, all acknowledgments and attributes should be continued.

If there are any drills or practices that you currently use, which are not listed, or you use variations which work well, we would welcome your input. Please forward any relevant suggestions, ideas or feedback to Scottish Curling Head Office

Coaching Aids

Coaching aids are designed to assist coaches in their teaching of a specific skill or technique.
Information sheets are suitable to be used as handouts to participating curlers.

HandlesInformation sheet for grip and handle techniquesDownload
SweepingInformation sheet for sweeping techniquesdownload
Sweeping AdvancedInformation sheet for advanced sweeping techniquesDownload
Toilet Roll Tubed HandlesA teaching exercise to assist grip and releaseDownload
Inky HandsA teaching exercise to diagnose delivery faultsDownload
Hip liftA teaching exercise for a player to develop hip lift positionDownload
Coaching session elementsA sample of the 5 elements required for a coaching sessionDownload
Player profile wheelA sample of a completed player profileDownload
Coach profile wheelA sample of a completed coach profileDownload
Session planA blank template (in word format)Download
Human knotAn off ice game for team building and funDownload
HaAn off ice game for team building and funDownload
Marching madnessAn off ice game for team building and funDownload

Coach Gatherings

2011 During the 2011 Coaches Gathering, there was an exhibit of resourceful coaching ideas. which are downloadable below;

Blindfolded slidesAids balance and concentration during deliveryDownload
Box SlidesAids balance during deliveryDownload
Bridges with pedulumsA version of plum lines to aid line up and targetingDownload
Bungee slidesShould only be used with experienced curlersDownload
Lino step on slidesA cheap robust alternative to the overshoe bagsDownload
Mobile skip brushA free standing brush, useful for aiming and targetingDownload
Pull along slidesAids and encourages balance during deliveryDownload
Show the lineAllow curlers to see the line of deliveryDownload
Straight arm sleeveAn cheap easy to make, inhibiter which does not allow the curler to fully bend their armDownload
Tunnel training with ropesAids identification of line of delivery faultsDownload
Umbrella slidesAids and encourages balance during deliveryDownload

 2013 During the 2013 Coaches Gathering, there was a “share table” containing samples that experienced coaches contributed and allowed us to share. A selection is downloadable below;

Puzzles and QuizesContributed byAreaFormat 
CurlwordMargaret MartinHamiltonPDFDownload
LinkwordMargaret MartinHamiltonPDFDownload
Match word to meaningsMargaret MartinHamiltonPDFDownload
Missing linkMargaret MartinHamiltonPDFDownload
Name the RinkMargaret MartinHamiltonPDFDownload
Rules & Etiquette level 1,2&3Margaret MartinHamiltonPDFDownload
Whats wrong with the picturesPhotos by Ian Martin. HamiltonPDFDownload
 Word linkMargaret MartinHamiltonPDFDownload
Word searchMargaret MartinHamiltonPDFDownload
Session plans 
1to1 Club ImproverPam MackayEdinburghWordDownload
Blank session plan gridRCCCWordDownload
Blank session plan gridRCCCExcelDownload
Corporate 2hrsBob KerrStirlingWordDownload
Curlings CoolRCCCWordDownload
Junior ClubJim StablesWaterfrontWordDownload
Try Curling 70minDerek YoungStirlingWordDownload
Explanatory Handout SYCBob KerrStirlingWordDownload
Family funspiel rulesJim StablesWaterfrontWordDownload
Junior Club membership application formJim StablesWaterfrontWordDownload
Mindset information sheetSISPDFDownload
New start Handout SYCBob KerrStirlingWordDownload
Simple tacticsRCCCJpgDownload
Stick delivery tipsRCCCWordDownload
Sweepie safety rulesJan HowardWaterfrontWordDownload
Sweeping GraphicBrad AskewRCCCJpgDownload
Use of Technology to aid line of deliveryTony ZummackBCpdfDownload

Try Curling

Below are some coaching aids for delivering Try Curling Sessions

Try Curling Session PlanDownload
Warm UpDownload
Cool Down 1Download
Cool Down 2Download
RSG deliveryDownload



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