Below is a list of coaches in the Forfar area that have attended an RCCC coaching course and are either in the process of working toward a qualification (Trainee level 1) or have completed their qualification.


Trainee Level 1 Coach
Alexandra MacKintosh
James Craik

Level 1 Coach
Jim Menzies
Sarah Millar
Angus Harvey
Alison (Al-Saffar) Wylie
Peter MacDiarmid
Brian McArtney
David Shephard
Judy Goodfellow
Marianne Jenkins
Louise Soutar
Janine Wilson
Ian Young
Ian McGurk
Robert Fawns
Alan Joiner
Euan MacDiarmid
Peter Walls
Craig Paterson
Glyn Pritchard
David Congreve
Rowan Wishart
Neil Donald
Helen McKay
George Paterson
Jane McArtney
Duncan Menzies
Shona Kilgour
Sandra Ann Menzies
Gavin Walker
Fraser Crosby
Moira Ann Galbraith

Accrediting Level 2 Coach

Andy McGlynn
Jill Donald
David Troup

Level 2 Coach
Jim Keillor
Lorraine Campbell
Ian Taylor



Clubs and individuals are reminded that they should complete due diligence and safe recruitment policies and procedures* which include checking a coaches PVG status and requiring a self-declaration for any and all coaches that they deploy in programmes and clubs.

*Guidance around safe recruitment, PVG and self-declaration etc. can be found by referring to the RCCC child protection policy, a copy of which can be found here.

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