Below is a list of coaches in the Kinross area that have attended an RCCC coaching course and are either in the process of working toward a qualification (Trainee level 1) or have completed their qualification.


Trainee Level 1 Coach
Ian Cormack
Colin Low
Fiona Spain
Kathryn Spain
Mike Spain
Ben Cormack
George Ponton
Lewis Leslie
Jenny Allan
Beth Farmer
Alastair McConnell

Level 1 Coach
Jane Barr
Phil Barton
Jim Barton
Diane Bell
Alice Bogie
Archie Bogie
Stewart Carnegie
Julia Cormack
Ross Cormack
David Gordon
Sandy Hay
Lee McCleary
Sandra Ritchie
Maggie Saunderson
Elaine Spain
Jacqueline Wood
Alan Muirhead
David Gordon
Gary Waddell
Willie Nicoll
Steve Jamieson
Margaret Forrest

Accrediting Level 2 Coach
Maureen Aitken
Doreen Burt
Hector Snoddy
Jim Steel
Morag Wellman
Leslie Wilson

Level 2 Coach
Ena Stevenson
Lorna Rennie
Sheila Harley


Clubs and individuals are reminded that they should complete due diligence and safe recruitment policies and procedures* which include checking a coaches PVG status and requiring a self-declaration for any and all coaches that they deploy in programmes and clubs.

*Guidance around safe recruitment, PVG and self-declaration etc. can be found by referring to the RCCC child protection policy, a copy of which can be found here.


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