Curling This Weekend 15 – 17 November

The Skill Awards Challenge takes place at Dewars Centre, Perth from 15– 17 November. The Skill Awards is an RCCC initiative designed to improve young curlers’ skills through a series of awards which become gradually more challenging. There are six levels within the programme which runs in ascending order from red, white, blue, bronze, silver and gold.
Teams will consist of 4 people with a maximum of 10 points per team (at date of entry) based on individual Skill Award levels:- Red Award Holder 1 point, White Award Holder 2 points, Blue Award Holder 3 points, Bronze Award Holder 4 points, Silver Award Holder 5 points, Gold Award Holder 6 points. The competition will be played in a round robin format over four sections, with each section ranking being determined by points, ends, shots. 1st placed team in each section will play High Road finals, 2nd & 3rd placed teams in each section will play a Middle Road Schenkel and the 4th placed team in each section will play Low Road finals.

For draws, full team listings and schedule go to The Skill Awards Challenge.


Curl Aberdeen LogoThis year’s Aberdeen Ladies Open will be taking place on Friday 15th November with the final taking place on Sunday 17th November. There will be 12 teams taking part over 2 sections. The competition will take a round robin format, and the top team in each section will play the final, 2nd placed teams for 3rd and 4th place, 3rd place teams for 5th and 6th place.

For draws, team listing and results go to the Aberdeen Ladies Open.


056a-1The Scottish Province Championship begins this Friday, 15th November at Greenacres. The competition features teams from across Scotland who play in their Local Province qualifiers. Teams are comprised of members of the same local club and may be made up of men, women or mixed teams. There are 30 teams taking part in the competition which are split over six sections of five teams each. The winner of each section and the two highest second placed runner-up teams will qualify for the High Road Quarter Finals, whilst the remaining runner-up will qualify for the Low Road.

For full team listings, draws and results click Scottish Province Championship.

Live line scoring will also be provided on the competition page.

Pictured: Last years winners Ross McCleary, Craig Gudmundson, Hugh Thomson & Gavin Baird (pictured with last years RCCC President Bill Duncan)

Photo: Hugh Stewart


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