Edinburgh Curling School launch new website

Edinburgh Curling School (ECS) has recently launched its own website providing a common place for the curlers of Edinburgh and the Lothian’s to find coaching within their local area. By providing this site ECS aim to provide up-to-date information on courses and events being run, while allowing the curlers easy access to our services. In addition to our own courses ECS work closely with Murrayfield Curling Ltd to provide coaching to all abilities through the come & try initiatives championed by both Murrayfield Curling Ltd and the Royal Caledonian Curling Club.

What courses and services are available ?

Beginners Course : 8th, 9th & 16th October 2011
This course is aimed at those who have never curled before, or those who have attended a come & try session and wish to improve with the view of taking the sport up as a hobby.

Improvers Course : 24th September 2011
This course is aimed at those who have been playing for a few years (or more) and are looking to change their delivery, drop those bad habits they have picked up over the years or just get pointers on their overall game.

Club Coaching Session : These sessions can be setup upon request, run in a similar fashion to the improvers course, club members have access to the coach to better any aspect of their game.

Drop-In Classes : Classes are run most thursdays throughout the curling season at Murrayfield Curling Rink, where curlers are welcome to come along and practice their delivery, sweeping technique or any other are of their game with coaches at hand to provide guidance on any problem areas. Full details of the session times can be found on our website.

Edinburgh New Stones Virtual Curling Club

The New Stones Club provides curlers of any age, who are in their first two years of curling, a club where they can progress with similarly skilled curlers. Safe in the knowledge that coaches will be on hand to assist in their training. Regular sessions are available for the club to come together, to have a short coaching session before entering into a game to practice their curling skills.

If you are interested in attending any of our courses, or have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us via our website :- www.edinburghcurlingschool.org.uk

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