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Bronze Medal Game, Saturday 20th September: Scotland 5, Switzerland 7

In a game which had little separating the teams throughout it was the Swiss conversion of the last stone advantage into two shots which was the main contributor to the Scots downfall.

With the hammer in the opening end Kyle was drawing for a two but had little space to work with and came within inches of achieving his aim. But Scotland were on the board with a 1. Second end and Rios, throwing last stones for Switzerland made an excellent draw through a narrow port for the first of three 2’s for Switzerland.

049 (Medium)Kyle taps back for a 2 in the third but Switzerland counted the second of their 2’s in the fourth with another perfect draw. Half way home and the score 4-3 in favour of Switzerland.

Fifth end and Kyle is forced to take his single with a perfect hit and lie before Switzerland counted their third 3 in the sixth with another good draw to lead 6-4. Seventh and Kyle is forced to draw for his 1 and go into the last end 5-6 and without last stone which Rios used masterfully against 2 shots to hit and lie the 1 shot required for a 7-5 Bronze Medal podium finish.

In the gold medal game Sweden dominated Norway throughout eventually running out winners 9-2 after six ends.

Congratulations to all the medal winners and to Sweden our new Champions. This is the last year of the European Mixed as it transfers to the World Curling Federation for 2015.

Full standings are available at European Mixed Curling Championship

Photos and report: Leslie Ingram Brown


Draw 24, Saturday 20th September: Semi-Final Scotland 4, Norway 5

Norway took on Scotland in today’s first semi- final. The game started well for Scotland with a score of 2 in the opening end, which was swiftly followed by a single shot score in the 2nd end to give Scotland an early 3-0 lead. In the third end Norway got on the scoreboard with a single point score.

The fourth end saw Scotland take a single point and re-establish their 3 point lead at the break. The 5th end saw a blank end recorded, however in the 6th the Norwegians pulled 1 shot back! Norway went on to steal 2 more points in the 7th end to tie the game at 4-4.

028 (Medium)The 8th end was nip and tuck with the Norwegians having positioned a stone more or less on the button protected it perfectly with guard after guard that Scotland then removed. However Scotland had what looked like a straight forward hit and roll to win the game. The shot however was a little off line and although the Scots moved the Norwegian counter it did not go far enough and Norway stole a single to win the game 5-4. Norway progress to the Final and Scotland’s Kyle, Hannah, Billy and Alice will play for the bronze medal against Switzerland (both games 15:00 CET).

Other semi final result Sweden 4, Switzerland 2

Full standings are available at European Mixed Curling Championship

Photos ©Leslie Ingram Brown


Draw 23, Friday 19th September: Scotland 7, Finland 5

The quarter final line-up as per the DSC and separation games would be Scotland v Norway, Hungary v Russia, Denmark v Finland, Sweden v Switzerland. However at the team meeting later in the afternoon it was stated that the draw, as stated in the Team Meeting Document was to avoid teams from the same Group playing each other in the quarter finals.  It was announced Scotland would play either Norway or Finland (R6 or R8) and after a draw from the balls just as in football it was decided they would play Finland.

Both teams started slowly blanking the first end. The Finnish then took a single point in the second end and another in the third end. Scotland stung by this worked well in the 4th end to score 3 points and go into the break with a narrow 3-2 lead. Finland responded after the break with a 2 point score in the 5th to edge ahead.

071 (Medium)The 6th end was all Scotland with them working towards a 3 point score and taking a 6-4 lead into the seventh end. The 7th end was an exciting affair and ended with Finland score one point to bring the score to 6-5. In the 8th end Scotland controlled the game taking a single in and winning the game 7-5.

Other results: SUI 7 DEN 3,  SWE 6 RUS 5,  NOR 5 HUN 3

Semi Finals Saturday 20th September 2014 will take place at 10.00 am and will feature:

Scotland vs. Norway
Sweden vs. Switzerland

Updates and live end by end scoring will be here

Full standings are available at European Mixed Curling Championship

Photos ©Leslie Ingram Brown


Draw 19, Thursday 16:00 Russia 5, Scotland 6 (Extra end)

Scotland secure extra end win over Russia in a thrilling encounter to take top spot in Group B. To be fair Russia had the controlling hand for much of the game but when the chips were down it was Kyle, Hannah, Billy and Alice who produced the goods over ends seven and eight and took their outstanding play into the crucial extra end.

To the game itself, Russia stole a single in the first end as Kyle came up short with his last stone draw back made up for this mistake when given the chance to draw for 2 in the second (end.) But things were reversed in the third when Tselousov was left an easy hit for his 2 and then in the fourth it was Kyle who played the tee draw for his single and a 3-3 score at the break.

082 (Medium)Fifth end and a miss on a double allowed Russia to gain the advantage of a 2 and with the sixth being blanked one wondered where the win was going to come from but come it did, from the moment Kyle had to play a hit and stick for a single in the seventh against 2 Russian stones. The Scottish banner, once dwindling, was beginning to climb the mast as Kyle and his team looked either steal a 2 in the eighth or take the game into overtime and pick up singles through the next two ends.

Eighth and against 2 stones well set up by Russia, Kyle produced a draw right up to the two foot and lie shot which the Russian skip could not match and it was overtime. The Scotland supporters were kept on the edge of their seats, none more so than Alice’s Mum and Dad who had flown out especially to support their daughter and team.

Extra end and Kyle lay shot early and began the job of building the dam that would not crumble. Stone after  stone went into the ongoing creation. Russia failed to improve their position, whilst in the first five ends it was just too easy as everything worked, but when your back is to the door… It all comes down to the skips’ last stones. Kyle stepped up and put up another guard from which their was no way in to get the shot. Tselousov was forced wide to play the wick and curl in shot, and all but was successful as his shooter hit the side stone and rolled agonizingly close to the shot with the striking bands just touching as it rolled through leaving Scotland lying 1 and the game.

A glorious victory, one to savour, and now we must wait until Division A completes its round robin of games with the 20:00 draw.

After the game Billy Morton said”We knew both the importance of the game and the position we could be in. The win was big win and we (the team) are delighted to be ranked fist in our group. We are playing well but feel wehave a little bit more we can give but can only take each game as it comes.”  Couldn’t agree more with Billy and good luck to the team.

Scotland will now play Norway in their quarter-final game, after they beat Italy 7-4 in the Qualification Game for the last quarter-final position.

Full standings are available at European Mixed Curling Championship

Report and photos: Leslie Ingram Brown


Draw 15 Wednesday 16:00, Scotland 11, Poland 2

As was expected Kyle Smith, Hannah Fleming, Billy Morton and Alice Spence tightened their grip on trying to ensure qualification to the second stage of the European Mixed Championships here in Taarnby, Denmark in easily disposing of an inexperienced Poland team 11-2 in seven ends.

Playing well within themselves Smith had a straight forward draw for a pair in the first followed by a steal of a single in the second when Konrad Stych hit and rolled out against 2 leaving Smith a steal of a single and 3-0.

Third end and with stones in the house and lying 2 shots Smith called the bluff of Konrad Stych asking him to play the dead draw to the tee. Poland threw heavy and their stone was embarrassingly quiet as it slid through the back of the house. Fourth (end) and Smith was starting to relax asking his team to pitch through the back rather than gather in the house. In the end only one stone lay as the Polish skip threw his last stone making a perfect hit for 1.

072 (Medium)Fifth (end) and it was back to normal with Smith having a simple draw for 2 and a 7-1 lead. Poland played on hoping to learn something from their defeat taking a single in the sixth before dropping a further 4 shots in the seventh. With the score 11-2 the sight of gloves off and handshakes all round could be seen.

After the game Alice Spence said “This was not our best performance and as a team we feel the best is still to come. We realise we must raise our game in our last league game tomorrow against Russia but like all the other games we can only take it as it comes.”

The other Group game on the ice saw England go down to the Czech Republic 4-3 and cannot now qualify for the next stage.

This win puts the Smith quartet on top of Group Blue with a 5/1 record along with Switzerland who they defeated Tuesday. Russia follow on 4/1 having played a game less followed by the Czech Republic on 3/3 who are technically the only teams in Group B who can make the play-offs.

Full standings are available at European Mixed Curling Championship

Report and photos: Leslie Ingram Brown


Draw 13, Wednesday 8:00: England 4, Scotland 6

Scotland won the last stone draw to gain the hammer in the  first end over England, and also remain ranked no.1 in the Blue Group on all L.S.D. results to date, but were to suffer the same opening malaise and dropped a shot against last stone.

The second end and the first of several outrageous shots from Ben Fowler. Against 4 and looking to hit and roll he caught a guard, racked onto a Scottish counter and rolled over to the other side of the house making a double take-out and lie behind another Scottish stone. Kyle played a raise take out which fails and with his second draws a single to the tee.

Third end and Kyle hits and lies 1 with his last. Ben Fowler goes for the hit to blank and has a silent take-out. Steal of 1 to Kyle and the heavy breathing becomes that little bit easier.

012 (Medium)Fouth (end) and another enormous piece of luck for England as Ben Fowler is wide with his first stone strike, clips heavily a short guard, rolls across the house before finishing as shot and behind a guard. Kyle tries a raised take-out which fails leaving Ben Fowler a chance of a 2 but this time he is wide and clips another front guard. No change in that England get the 1 shot and the score is tied 2-2 after four.

The break could not have come at a better time and immediately after the Scots put pressure on England leaving Kyle a free draw for 3  his stone picks up counting only 2 shots but now has a handy 2 shot lead. You could say that that the scales turned in favour of Kyle in the sixth with Ben Fowler’s last stone, a draw picked up and it was a steal of 2 and a 6-2 lead to Scotland.

Seventh end and England draw for a pair but the pressure was off Kyle with a 6-4 lead coming home, running England out of stones in the eighth for a fourth win.

Afterwards Hannah Fleming said “We were very patient in waiting for our chances as the English played very well. It was important we did not get frustrated (by some of the shots), and subsequent good team play and pressure provided the winning formula.”

Next up for Kyle is the Polish representatives, a team comprising two pairs of brothers and sisters, and a win here would mean a top three finish in their Group which would mean progression to the next stage of these Championships.

Full standings are available at European Mixed Curling Championship

Report and photos: Leslie Ingram Brown


Draw 9, Tuesday 8:00: Scotland 6, Slovakia 4

In what Hannah Fleming described after the game as a slack opening end Slovakia, who had won the last stone draw, took a pair with a final stone draw but Kyle was to retaliate in the second with a final stone draw to count 3 shots and it was all Scotland for the rest of the game al;though the score fails to show the dominance or some of the very good shots from Misun.

Third end and against two it was Misun’s turn to play the winning draw and in the fourth, as in the second end, it was Kyle’s job to lay his draw on the tee at the four (foot) for a 2 and a lead after four ends 5-3.

Slovakia blanked the fifth but when Misun failed to make the double take-out in the sixth Smith stole a single shot to open a three shot lead.

008 (Medium)Seventh end and again Misun was forced to make his draw shot against 2 Scottish stones. Eighth and with a two shot lead the Scots kept everything tidy and clear with the concession coming with skips’ final stones still to play.

In her further thoughts after the game Hannah (pictured left) though the team were improving every game and looking forward to the games against England tomorrow morning and Poland in the afternoon. She realises the importance of the two games in the matter of qualification to the quarter-finals. Finally she commented that they (Scotland) had found the ice “slightly straighter and keener than yesterday.”

037 (Medium)In an interesting situation in this session two umpires were required to complete a measure as the first official found the measure very tight and correctly called for the opinion of a second official (pictured right).

Report and photos: Leslie Ingram Brown



Draw 6 , Monday 12:00: Scotland 5, Switzerland 3

It was like yesterday as the Swiss dominated the first end but thanks to a hit and roll against 4 followed by a miss by Rios, Scotland counted a single and then stole a single in the second when Rios was unlucky to collect a pick up with his first stone before failing with a cross house double with his final stone. Third end and another edrror by Rios throwing slightlywide and rolling out with his strike against 2 and Scotland led 3-0.

Fourth end and Hannah plays a run back double leaving her team in a strong position with the next two shots covered and when another error by Switzerland left Rios trying to blank the end but taking a single on the nose, the advantage was back with the Smith’s team and with Smith drawing for his single in the fifth the three shot cushion was back.

045 (Medium)Slight wobble in the sixth allowing Tirinzoni to take a 2 with Rios’s last stone draw. Smith failed to finish the game in the seventh in missing a take-out for three but counted a single for a 5-3 lead coming home. Good play in the eighth forced Rios to try and draw behind a medium length guard with his first looking to try and force and extra end: he was heavy and with assistance by Fleming could only watch his draw just leave the back of the house and skips final stones were not required as the concession followed.

Report and photos: Leslie Ingram Brown


Draw 4, Sunday 20:00: Latvia 6, Scotland 8

For the second time today the Scots were the slower to come out the traps and were chasing the game for five ends but were never lost of sight of Karlis Smilga’s Latvia.

Smith took his single in the first but then lost a 3 and a 1 against the head. 4-1 behind after three (ends) suddenly changed in the fourth counting a pair with Kyle’s last stone draw before going two shots behind with Smilga drawing a single in the fifth.

Sixth end and it was all Scotland. Lying 4 shots with last stone Kyle laid a draw on tee for the 5 and an 8-5 shot lead with two ends to go. Was this going to be deja vu or could the Smith quartet hold off the Latvian challenge.

138 (Medium)Seventh and again the Scots piled on the pressure and with last stone Smilga came to the rescue drawing shot against what looked like a second consecutive five. 8-6 lead into the last and it was all over without the last stone being played.

After the game it was a relieved Kyle Smith who admitted the team had got off to slow starts but had to be pleased with the end result. He thought the ice was ‘fine’ and the stones ‘good.’

Now it was all down to the game tomorrow (Monday) at noon against Silvana Tirinzoni’s undefeated Switzerland. A win would bring Smith and his team back to the leaders even if only after three games of seven.

Report and photos: Leslie Ingram Brown


Draw 2, Saturday 12:00: Scotland 8, Czech Republic 9

Having battled back from 6-2 down to lead 8-6 after six ends it was disappointing that Kyle and his team failed to win the game in normal time.

The Czech Republic opened by far the stronger of the two teams and had it not been for outstanding play by skip Kyle Smith the Scots could easily have lost a four in the first end; instead a subtle tap by Smith gave Scotland the shot and then stole a single in the second.

Third (end) and failure to clear guards resulted in the Czech Republic claiming 4 shots and a two shot lead before Smith made his 2 in the fourth and the game was tied 4-4 at the break.

Fifth end and it was the Czech Republic who came out the stronger to catch a 2 before Scotland had the luxury of two draws at the top end to count 4 and lead for only the second time 8-6.

Draw 2Seventh and Bares was forced to play the draw to the four foot against two Scottish stones for a count of 1 leaving Smith one shot up into the final end where again there was some poor shot play and the Scottish skip elected for a double when a hit and roll in would hand them Scotland an opening win but an error in the call saw the Czech Republic steal the single to go into overtime.

Ninth end and with Bares and his team defending the shot stone, with help from the Scots not clearing guards with the final stone Smith either had to draw with only a few inches to play with or attempt the run-back double.

His release looked slightly wide and his shooter failed to connect the front stone at the right angle for the double and the Czech Republic were the victors 9-8.

Report and photos: Leslie Ingram Brown

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