Events This Weekend: 22/09/17 – 24/09/17

Performance Curler Michael Goodfellow, just one of the presenters at Murrayfield Ladies Coaching Day.

Murrayfield Ladies Coaching Day, Edinburgh

We are delighted to have a full quota of 32 attendees, on Friday (22/09/2017) for what promises to be a really informative day of early season coaching. The Edinburgh curling rink will be welcoming curlers of all abilities to sessions delivered by Barbara McFarlane (RCCC Performance Development Coach) Ena Stevenson (RCCC Member Development Committee & L2 Coach), Bruce Mouat (RCCC Coach & Performance Curler) and Michael Goodfellow (RCCC Performance Curler). Sessions will cover delivery, line-up, balance, and sweeping. There will be a chance for a Q&A session with Bruce, who, on top of his other roles, is also ice technician at Murrayfield Curling Rink.

There are a number of seminars happening throughout the season. Find out more here.

RCCC Coaching & Development Conference, Lanarkshire

Once again, we have a full house for this event at Lanarkshire Ice Rink on Sunday (24/09/2017), where the speakers will be covering a hugely varied agenda. There will be RCCC presenters, as well as external contributors. They’ll be discussing inclusion awareness, our short course for volunteers ‘Ready, Steady, Curl’ and the Winter Olympics and Paralympics Legacy, among other topics. This has proved such a popular event, and we’re excited to be delivering some fantastic content.

Goldline Scottish Curling Tour, Braehead, Glasgow

The Goldline Scottish Curling Tour gets underway on Friday (22/09/2017) at Braehead. The Braehead Open Section A teams start at 6pm, with the Section B teams taking to the ice later that evening. Come along throughout the weekend to see the Scottish Mixed Champions, competing ahead of their trip to the World Mixed Curling Championships next month, with a mix of Irish, Welsh and English teams also joining the draw.


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