Finance Focus: A Guide to RCCC Income & Expenditure

As the scope of the RCCC has grown to reflect the demands of a modern sport’s governing body, so has the scale of the operations and the financial responsibility.  Accountability remains of paramount importance as members pay subscriptions, sponsors invest in programmes/events and grant giving bodies award funds for projects.

We publish financial reports annually to our members and to Companies House but there is always a need for simple information that tells a story in more of a narrative style.  The figures shown in the pie charts below are extracted from our annual accounts and we hope that they are self -explanatory and these notes will provide a little bit of context.


Half of our income comes from grants, of which sportscotland provides 87% but a few other agencies contribute grants and most of these are allocated directly to budget areas, like development officers or disability programmes.  A fifth of our income is received from our members through their clubs as subscriptions and just over one fifth comes from activities we organise, such as camps and competitions.

Funding for the elite performance programme is provided by UK Sport to our partner organisation British Curling, which is primarily focussed on developing the players on the Olympic and Paralympic pathway.  None of the RCCC funding is spent in that area and our investment in player development as shown in the graphs is concerned with nurturing talented players (mostly juniors) as they improve their performance skills through training.


The pie chart below shows how the money brought in is spent, You will see that development spend is the largest, closely followed by competitions and player development which are underpinned by staffing, marketing and administration.  The development work focuses on getting more people into the sport and helping those in it to enjoy the game, this includes the Trycurling, Curling’s Cool, Skill Awards, disability programmes, employment of Development Officers, supporting ice rinks/clubs, seminars and workshops that any member can benefit from.

The cost of administration is efficient (11%) and this pays for the office rent, heat, light, phones, computers, websites, insurance, databases and information for members and public enquiries.

The direction that the RCCC takes is set through a strategy and the members were invited to contribute to the latest strategy 2015-19 last year and the staff are employed to deliver it under the guidance of the board.  The budget is set in the context of the strategy to deliver the right things for the sport that we all love to play.

If you have any questions, please email them to the CEO, Bruce Crawford.


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