Hardie Wins Second Straight GSCT Title in Dumfries

After two days of curling at Dumfries Ice Bowl this wekeend, Grant Hardie played Bruce Mouat in the Final.

Hardie had previously beaten Team Cameron Bryce in the Semi-Final with a last stone nose hit against 3 to secure his place in back-to-back tour Finals.  Bruce Mouat had beaten Ross Whyte in the other Semi-Final after narrowly defending a 3 in the first end to run the Whyte team out of stones in the 8th and meet Hardie in the Final.

Both teams came out firing on all cylinders in the Final trying to apply the pressure and force a mistake from the opposition. After a blanked 1st end both teams traded singles to leave the score 1 -1 after 3 ends with Mouat holding hammer. End 4 produced some good stone placement and sweeping from the teams early on and with both skips making uncharacteristic mistakes for the first time in the Final it resulted in a steal of 1 for Team Hardie. Bruce Mouat then played a half weight nose hit in the 5th end against two to score a 1 and level the scores. 2 – 2 after 5 ends with Hardie holding the hammer.

Both teams tried to get control of the game in the 6th end and in the end it ended up producing the game winning shot. With team Mouat trying to force a steal they elected to play a guard on the shot stone lying on top of the button leaving only a difficult angled raise for Grant Hardie. The sweepers were on/off for the last shot of the end where Grant played an angled raise from the wing to remove a Mouat counter from the button and leave himself lying 3 shots and take a 3 shot lead into the last 2 ends.

Bruce Mouat was forced to draw for 1 against 3 in the 7th end as team Hardie did a good job of clearing of stones to protect their lead. A fantastic Final finished with another great shot from Team Hardie as Grant lifted a double to win the game with his first stone. It was a hard fought final but played with the highest standard of sportsmanship and etiquette by both teams.

Graham Sloan thanked all the teams who took part, coaches that travelled to assist teams, Ice Staff, Local Organising Committee & John Graham Chairman of Dumfries Curling for presenting the prizes.

Report: Goldline Scottish Curling Tour.
Photo: Dumfries Curling

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