Introductory Umpiring Course at Dumfries

Dumfries Ice Bowl was the venue recently for an Introductory Umpiring Course and was fully subscribed with twenty attending. There was even a waiting list: a Royal Club first!
A full day’s programme started with an icebreaker that got everyone getting to know all the others on the course before looking at the Role of the Umpire, which surprised many as to all the things umpire is responsible for in running a competition: not just doing an occasional measure and keeping a note of scores! There was then a practical exercise in observing the hoglines using video clips and making radio calls for violations, before a session in small groups when a range of scenarios were discussed, focusing not just on what the applicable rule was but equally important how it should be communicated to teams and coaches.

2013_Dumfries_1-Timer_TrainingPowerPoint presentations followed just before and after lunch on Measuring Procedures and Operating a Time Clock before a practical session when everyone got an opportunity to put the theory they had learnt into practice.
Everyone then completed a Rules Assessment Test which was designed to give each participant a chance to further expand their knowledge of the rule book, as well as test their knowledge.
The day concluded with not just “What next?” but an insight into what individuals can personally get out of being involved as a curling umpire.

Some comments afterwards summed up the day:

“Can I say that I thoroughly enjoyed the day and hope to be able to get more involved than just at the Worlds next year.”

“I found the course very helpful and gave me an insight into the world of umpiring.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my day and thank both of you for making something that could have been very dry and boring, interesting and interactive. I am thoroughly looking forward to putting classroom theory into practice.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course and couldn’t believe just how quickly the time flashed past. Nine-thirty until six-twenty is indeed a long day but clearly everyone was still concentrating through to the end.

I am sure that lots of people don’t realise just how much is involved in umpiring, and I must admit that I was one of those. Whilst we all learned a lot we probably now realise just how much more there is to umpiring and its importance to the success of championships and other competitions.”

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