Kingan and Stirling Win Scottish Curling Mixed Doubles Championships

The final of the Scottish Curling Mixed Doubles Championship was contested by Bobby Lammie and Rachel Hannen playing against Fraser Kingan and Jayne Stirling, with Team Lammie winning the hammer. The first end was won by Team Lammie, who scored three after a scrappy opening end; they displayed a more consistent draw weight however, compared to their opponents Team Kingan who were often deep.

After a force of one, a missed freeze from Team Lammie in the third end gave Kingan the opportunity to take the initiative. With Team Lammie seeing no way to score, they threw their last stone away, conceding a steal of one.

With renewed confidence, Team Kingan started the fourth end well. Facing 3 red stones with her last, Hannen played a nice double to concede 1 and leave the scores level at the halfway point.

As the second half began, a series of hits were exchanged which left Team Lammie facing 4 red stones. Their hit attempt was wide and rolled out giving Kingan their 3rd steal in a row, and the lead for the first time in the game. Team Lammie looked to strike back in the 6th, and they controlled this end. A slight miss on a nose hit meant they scored 2.

In the 7th end, Kingan responded by also taking their power play. With Team Lammie going hard for the steal, the play focused on the placing and peeling of a centre guard. With her final stone Stirling made an excellent tap to score 3, and take a commanding 10-5 lead.

This meant they entered the 8th end with a decisive advantage, and ran their opposition out of stones.


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