Kinnear Wins Asham Under 17 Slam – Forfar

Fresh from their Christmas celebrations, 20 teams arrived at Forfar Indoor Sports on 27th December for the fourth leg of the Asham Under 17 Slam series. Five sections of four teams took part in the competition where Team Kinnear (Callum Kinnear, Ryan McCormack, Duncan McFadzean, Matthew McKenzie – pictured right) came out on top.

As usual the group stages threw up some really close games and some surprises. Amy Bryce’s team, winners of the last Asham Under 21 Slam competition, struggled to get going, lost their first two games and failed to qualify for day two. Series Leader Calum Kinnear and his team lost a very good close game with James Craik’s team, however they won their other two games and qualified for the High Road.

High Road Qualifiers in order were Wood, Lockhart, Farmer, Tweedle, Kinnear and best second place Hamilton. Low Road qualifiers were Findlay, Gilmore, Davie, Craik, Barron and Gallacher.
The quarter finals produced some good curling. In the High Road Callum Kinnear took a 3-0 lead over Alistair Tweedle after three ends. Alistair took 1’s at the next two ends but Callum scored a 2 in the sixth for a 5-2 win. Second High Road Quarter final saw Beth Farmer’s team take 1’s at ends 2, 3 and 4 against Ellie Hamilton’s team. Ellie came back with a 2 in the fifth but a blanked sixth end gave Farmer victory 3-2.

The teams that qualified direct to the semi-finals struggled to get going against the teams that came through the quarters. In the High Road Farmer took a 3 in the fifth end and ran out 6-2 winners over Callum Wood’s team. Similarly Kinnear took a 4 in end four from Scott Lockhart’s team and finished 7-3 winners.

High Road Runner UpIn the High Road final, Kinnear play Farmer. Callum Kinnear’s team came out of the blocks fast, putting Beth Farmer’s team (Beth Farmer, Kirstin Bousie, Katie McMillian, Alexandra Mackintosh – pictured left) under pressure from the first end with lots of stones in play to steal 2. In the second end Beth faced 4 with her last, she tried a hit and roll off the winger and cut out 2 giving Callum another steal of 2. Beth took a 1 in the third but Callum’s two nose hits in the fourth gave him complete control at 6-1. Beth Farmer’s team conceded after 6 ends, victory to Callum Kinnear’s team 9 -1.

In the Low Road semi-finals Gallacher was 6-0 after three ends, and finished 8-2 winners over Kara Findlay’s team. Andrew Gilmore’s team stole a 3 in the fourth end to go 6-2 up over James Craik. James managed to take 1’s at fifth and sixth leaving Gilmore as the only direct qualifier to go through to the finals in the competition. The Low Road final saw Gilmore up against Gallacher. This turned out to be very one-sided affair with Gilmore’s team taking 5 ends in a row to go 9-0 up and Hamish Gallacher conceded.

Congratulations to Callum Kinnear’s team who have so far won three of the four slams played, giving them a 15 point lead going into the final event. For all line scores from the weekend, as well as the leader board from the overall event, please visit the Asham Under 17 Slam – Forfar page.

Low Road Winners (left): Andrew Gilmore (skip), Blair Haswell, Lauren Smith
Low Road Runners Up (right): Hamish Gallacher (skip), Finnan Brown, Olivia McKeown, Mollie Marley-Milligan

Low Road Winner   Low Road Runner Up

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