Ladies President’s Blog No. 2

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have all had a good summer break and are now ready for the curling season.

When I finished my last blog in June I was about to attend my nephew Graeme’s wedding on the 30th, which I must say was one of the best weddings I have been to, all the detail and months of planning, made for a perfect day, although I have lost my camera!

Ladies’ Branch were given some bad news that we were to lose our merchandising officer (Margaret Cairns) as she and her husband were going abroad due to work commitments.  Not all bad Margaret will be back to curl in some ladies curling competitions.  I will miss her at our meetings and her great sales.  I wish her well.


It was very wet and seen the cancellation of our two local Agricultural shows, Haddington and Dalkeith.  This was terrible for all the organisers, but hope that next year they get some great weather and good attendance to help get some of the money back, that they lost this year.

I attended the two Junior curling summer camps at Culzean Castle and Galleon ice rink, where some of our future young curlers enjoyed a week of curling tuition, fun and games, which I must say was looking like they all really enjoyed (including me).  A big thank you, to all the helpers and organisers, without you this would not happen.

End of July-August my eldest daughter Zoe returned from Dublin from a placement, meaning all three girls were at home, noise level and no food in the house, to see me escape to the kitchen, NO not to cook but to watch the summer Olympics.  I was hooked from first thing in the morning to late at night, it was like a roller coaster when I watched my curling friends son David Florence in the canoe slalom races where he had a very disappointing run in the singles (C1) where he had been tipped for gold, as he was ranked number one in the world at that stage, but all was not lost when he won the silver medal in the doubles (C2), his second silver, as he won one in Beijing four years ago.  I felt a huge void when it all finished, but only for a day or two.  We were asked to go on holiday to Portugal for a week with vice Fiona and her Family, great holiday, nice to get some sun.


Well curling season getting closer but not before I pack my girls off to university.  I delivered my youngest to Aberdeen with my middle daughter joining her a few days later and my eldest daughter off to Liverpool.  It’s a quiet empty house now with only Alan, two cats and me, it’s just as well I have a busy curling season ahead, no time to dwell on how time is passing so quickly.  I have just chaired my first meeting back after the break on Tuesday 11th September,  it was very well attended and I must thank  all  the reps and hope that all our meetings are like this, great to see everyone in great spirit, as we had a lot of work to get through which we all achieved.

That’s all folks, till the next blog.

Our new Scottish Champions will face our Olympians in a Playoff to decide who represents Scotland at the World Cham…


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