Local Curlers Regain World Record

A group of ten local curlers regained their world record on Saturday (02-March-2013) evening at the Dumfries Ice Bowl. The team had played nonstop for over three days, finally stopping after curling for 73 hours, 06 minutes and 52 seconds.

The team with two changes of players from their previous attempt broke through the current record set by the Campbell River Curling Club in Canada of 62 hours, 15 minutes and 25 seconds early on Saturday morning, which was welcomed in by a crowd of well wishers. The team were supported throughout their record by local curlers who came in and played games and provided an atmosphere.

Under the rules, the teams earn 5 minutes break for every completed hour which they can bank to use for toilet breaks, treatment and sleep. The team played 285 ends Blue team 273 shots to Red team 244 shots. A normal curling game last 8 ends and around 2 hours. Participating teams consisted of the following:
Blue Team – Graham Sloan, David Owen, Graham Black, Chalmers Porteous and Scott Robertson.
Red Team – Rurariah Whyte, Chris Jardine, Thomas Sloan, Stuart Henderson and Neil Henderson.

Graham Sloan, Curling Development Officer who was coordinating the attempt said:

this is an unbelievable achievement by the team, the team spirit and determination was just outstanding.  We felt we had a score to settle from our last attempt when we broke the record but didn’t make our own target.  This time round we made a few changes in our planning and spent a lot of time discussing what we wanted to do at different stages of the event.  That made all the difference and the team coaches made sure we hit every target we set.  The support we received from family, friends and general supporters really helped us along the way and gave us that all important boost during the tough stages our secret weapon though was Margaret Chalmers from Podiatry Plus in Thornhill who ensured all 10 of the boys stayed in good shape and made it to the very end of the game and at times it felt like she was working magic.  It was a real honour to be part of the team and bring this record back to Dumfries and the lads deserve a lot of credit for what they put their bodies and minds through as that was one tough challenge”.

Work is now underway to compile all the information required for Guinness to verify the world record. The whole attempt had to be witnessed by two independent people who completed this in four hour sessions throughout the three days. The verification process can take up to two months.

Report/Picture by Graham Sloan, CDO

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