Lockerbie hosts final Asham Under 14 Slam event

Lockerbie Hosted the Final leg of the 2013/14 Asham U14 Slam.  2 Groups of 10 took to the ice to play a 3 game schenkel with the top 2 teams qualifying for the semi finals.

The Asham U14 Slam had already been won by Team Callum Kinnear (pictured below L-R Mark Watt, Matthew McKenzie, Duncan McFadzean and Callum Kinnear) from Perth but they were looking for a clean sweep by winning all three events.

The Schenkel system certainly kept things interesting and all the parents and supporters on the edge of their seats.  Chief Umpire Jim Hogg kept a close eye on proceedings and after some careful counting the semi finals were decided on the last shots of draw 3 of each section.  Team Kinnear’s hopes of a clean sweep vanished after finishing out of the semi final qualifying spots in Section A.


Asham Under 14 Slam 2013-14 Winners – Team Kinnear

Brendan Todd topped Section A and Ryan McCormack took 2nd place.  Gavin Hay topped Section B with James Hair’s team finding 2nd place.  The Semi Final line up was Gavin Hay v Ryan  McCormack & James Hair v Brendan Todd.

Both games were evenly contested with Hay winning against McCormack on the last shot of the game playing a nice tap up to score 1.  B Todd required an extra end to progress to the final in the 2nd semi final.
In the final Hay took an early advantage scoring 2 in the first and pilled the pressure on in the 2nd to steal a 2 for a 4 – 0 lead.  Hay calmly cleaned up in the 3rd end keeping his team focused on the job in hand to force another steel on 2 and a 6 shot lead into the final end.  In the final end the Hay team never took the (pictured top L-R Gavin Hay, Ben Cormack, Nicholas Baughan and Harry Cormack) foot off the gas and ran the Todd team out of stones to win the Asham Under 14 Lockerbie Event.

In the 3rd / 4th play-off both teams played some great attacking curling with Hair taking the lead scoring a 1 in the 1st end and stealing a 1 in the 2nd end.  The McCormack rink put together some nice shots in the 3rd end to score 3 and take the lead for the first time in the game going 1 up in to the last end.  With some tense exchanges of shots McCormack managed to get 1 in the 4ft and Hair was unable to remove it with his last stone to leave a steal of 1 to Team McCormack rinks and 3rd place over all.

A great day of curling enjoyed by all.

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