MacDonald wins Scottish Mixed

Ewan MacDonald retains the Scottish Mixed Championship. Congratulations to the rink of Ewan MacDonald, Eve Muirhead, Euan Byers & Karen Barthelemy who defeated David Mundell, Sarah Reid, David Reid & Fiona Steele in the final of the Scottish Mixed Championship 2013.

Pictured right, Scottish Mixed Championship 2013 Winners (L-R): Eve Muirhead, Steven Burnett (Chairman Curl Aberdeen), Ewan MacDonald, Ewan Byers, Karen Barthelemy and Albert Middler (representing RCCC).

The 20 rinks started the competition and 8 Qualified for the quarter finals these took place at Curl Aberdeen 31 March.  The ice was good with a small swing.

The first semi-final saw Ewan MacDonald play Adrian White. The teams exchanged singles until MacDonald scored a 4 in the seventh end to go 7 – 3 up and the game was conceded. In the other semi, David Mundell played Murray Young. With 2 blank ends, a single in the second and steels of singles in the 4th and 5th ends Mundell had a 3 – 0 lead going into the 6 end. Murray took 1 in the 6th and stole 1 in the 7th to go into the final end 3 – 2 down. Mundell scored 1 in the 8th to win 4 – 2.

In the final MacDonald took full advantage of last stone advantage and scored a 3 in the first end. In the second end with good defensive play from MacDonald and Mundell’s last stone over curling, MacDonald stole a 1for a 4 – 0 lead after 2 ends. Third end and again great defensive play from MacDonald and Mundell was forced to take a 1. End 4 and aggressive play from both teams saw lots of stone in play, MacDonald played a superb last stone, sacrificing one of his own stones to double 2 of Mundell’s to score a 2 and a 6 – 1 lead after 4 ends. In end 5 again defensive play from MacDonald saw Mundell try a clearance to blank the end but his last stone stayed to score a 1. End 6 and again aggressive play from both teams with plenty stone in play and Mundell lying 2 which MacDonald tried to double with his last stone but failed and left Mundell with a single. Into the seventh with MacDonald leading 6 – 3, Mundell came on the attack and MacDonald defended well, last stone to be played and with Mundell lying shot and 1 MacDonald stone in the house Mundell played a guard which MacDonald answered with a perfect run back double to leave his stone lying for the single and a 7 – 3 lead. Mundell conceded the game.

In the Final MacDonald dominated the game against Mundell starting off with a three in end one which set up the victory 7 – 3 after seven ends.

Thanks to all at Curl Aberdeen for a very well run weekend.

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