Maxwell claims top spot at Newcomers

On 2nd April 48 young curlers made their way to sunny Greenacres to contest the Newcomers Trophy. With two sections of six, each team played four round robin matches to qualify for the High Road and Low Road semi-finals and then the finals.

The High Road Final was contested by Team Maxwell and Team Ryder. A tentative first end resulted in a blank and a score of 3 at the second end proved to be decisive. The winners were Team Maxwell (pictured below – Jay Maxwell, Callum McLain, Magnus Ross and Erin Furey) and the runners-up were Team Ryder (Niall Ryder, Ewan Jackson, Calum Webb and Morven Deed).

The Low Road Final promised to be a close encounter between Team Munro (Robyn Munro, Jack Dunlop, Matthew Mitchell and Thomas Stettington) and Team Moore (Daniel Moore, Jonathan Blair and Megan McKay). A perfect draw to the button by Robyn Munro against 2 opposition counters gave Team Munro an early lead which doubled with a steal of 1 at the second. Team Munro controlled the third end running out winners with a further steal of 3. The winners were Team Munro, with Team Moore having to settle for the runner-up spot.

The Hot Shot challenge was won by Rory Dodds closely followed by Ross MacKay.

Ladies Branch President Jan Howard presented the prizes, rounding off an enjoyable and fun day.

For all line scores from the competition, click Newcomers Trophy.

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