More Women, More Girls, In Curling!

The RCCC hosted a More Women, More Girls, In Curling! workshop on Saturday 17th June, with an aim of sparking discussion and ideas from members about how to engage more women and girls in curling.

Research shows that 51% of the Scottish population is female. In Scottish Curling, the current percentage of females participating in the sport is approximately 36% showing under-representation of women and girls in the sport. This also applies in the volunteer workforce where 40% of coaches and 34% of umpires are female. At the top table we have 33% of females on the RCCC board. The reflection on each of these statistics is that we have room for greater gender balance in all roles, and at all levels, of curling.

Jane Booth (Head of Research at Women Ahead) presented interesting facts, which helped to challenge attendees’ thoughts and preconceptions about certain roles; this allowed discussion and acknowledgement within the room about how, in society, we often associate roles with specific characteristics. The participants worked in small groups to discuss the barriers to participation for women and girls. They also considered examples of successful ways that some clubs and ice rinks currently attract female participants and whether programmes used in other sports might be used to recruit more curlers.

Participants felt that this was a positive move for the RCCC to develop initiatives that will encourage more women and girls to try curling and stay in the sport.  It was recognised that as this area of development moves forward, it will be really important to engage with all of the partners so that we all maximise opportunities for success.  The ideas from the session will be distilled into a report which will be circulated to all involved.

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