Mouat and Aitken Win Scottish Mixed Doubles

The Scottish Mixed Doubles was a well contested event this year. The good swinging ice at Dewars Centre allowed for some great games.

In the semi John Hamilton & Kerry Barr took a 3 of Graham Shedden & Claire Sloan at the 1st but gave up 4 in end 2. Claire played at triple raise for 2 in end four to take a 2 shot lead. 2 more steals set up the win 8 – 4.

In the other semi Bruce Mouat & Gina Aitken took a 4 at the 1st against Alan & Nancy Smith but Alan hit back with a 1 then a steal. Alan played at double raise for another steal at end four. Another 4 in end six gave them a 2 shot lead. Bruce took 2 in end seven to tie the game coming home. Bruce & Gina played a great last end to steal a 1 for victory.

The final started with Bruce & Gina picking up a 4 at the 1st then a 2 when Claire failed with a draw in end two. Graham & Claire got off the mark with a single in end three. Bruce had a double for 4 in end four but just missed it and lost a 1 he made up for it in end five with a draw for 3. This set up the win.

Bruce Mouat & Gina Aitken will now get the opportunity to represent Scotland in the World Championships in New Brunswick, Canada at the end of April.

Thanks go Colin Moreland and Shelagh Fulton for being in attendance at the presentation also thanks go to all the staff for a good weekend.

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Pictured: Colin Moreland, Gina Aitken, Bruce Mouat, Shelagh Fulton

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