Olympics Inspire Thousands To Try Curling in Scotland

The Royal Caledonian Curling Club’s Try Curling initiative has been a great success this season with over 5000 people participating in curling taster sessions across Scotland.

The majority of sessions were hosted in February and March taking advantage of the increased media attention around the Sochi Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Try Curling aims to raise public awareness of curling in Scotland and increase participation in the sport and in summer 2013 was subject to a rebranding and re-launch with a new website designed to make it easy for people to get involved. The RCCC worked closely with ice rink facilities in Scotland, England and Wales to manage and promote Try Curling sessions which were listed on the website. These were easily searchable allowing people to locate information for their nearest Try Curling session or Beginner Class and book their place.

Try Curling Spot webThis co-ordinated effort from RCCC, Ice Rinks, Development Groups and coaches certainly paid off in terms of the number of Try Curling participants. Around 4000 people tried curling though an organised session in Scotland between 15th February and 9th March alone with The Welsh Curling Association, supported by RCCC, reporting over 800 at their Try Curling sessions, a real challenge for its members! Participant feedback has been provided and RCCC is currently collating this to monitor and review the programme.

The main focus is to retain as many curlers as possible and the majority of ice rinks have followed the RCCC’s recommendation to have a Beginner Course split across the 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons. Virtual Clubs are an ideal solution for new curlers, allowing members (maximum 2 year membership) to get regular coaching and games with like-minded individuals. Already three new Virtual Clubs have been established since February and more are expected next season….watch this space!

Please find linked below a selection of frequently asked questions regarding the adoption of the Scottish Curling t… https://t.co/wKMmBrxvOZ


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