Prentice and Cannon are Scottish Senior Champions

The Scottish Curling Senior Championships finals took place at Lanarkshire Ice Rink, Hamilton, on Sunday 9th February with Team Keith Prentice winning the men’s event and Team Christine Cannon securing the women’s title.

In the men’s event the final was contested between Graeme Adam’s rink of Drew Howie, Stuart Naismith and Jean Lesperance and Keith Prentice’s men, Lockhart Steele, Robert Anderson and Tommy Fleming. Both teams had qualified for the knock out stages from Men’s Section B with Adam securing their place in the final after a low scoring game finishing 2-1 in their favour against Billy Howat. Prentice defeated Ken Horton’s men 7-2 after five ends in their semi-final.

In the men’s final the first end was blanked. In the second end there was discussion over Adam’s last shot with him electing to draw behind the guards; he was slightly heavy but lay shot at the back of the eight foot. Keith Prentice elected to tap back for two shots but his stone didn’t curl as much as expected and passed Graeme’s shot on the high side giving team Adam a steal of one.

Both teams played an attacking third end with come arounds. With Keith’s last stone he played a hit that was swept all the way and was successful in getting the right angle to take three shots and a 3-1 lead.

In the fourth end Team Prentice had an early freeze in the four foot which they guarded throughout the end to steal one shot. In the fifth, Keith scraped past two guards with his last stone to lie one in the back twelve foot. Graeme Adam had an open draw but failed to take advantage giving up another one.

Adam fought back in the sixth end taking a one and got guards up in the seventh to try and create some scoring opportunities. It wasn’t to go their way and Prentice took a two to go 7-2 up and Adam conceded the game.

Keith Prentice commented, “I’d like to thank my team who played so well throughout. We’re looking forward to (the World Senior Championships in) Dumfries because how many times do you get the chance to represent your own country, in your own country, it doesn’t happen a lot.” He continued, “I’d like to thank Graeme and his team for the game, very sporting as usual, much appreciated and all the rest of the teams that we played against too.”

2014 Scottish Senior Women's ChampionsThe women’s final was contested between Christine Cannon’s team of Janet Lindsay, Isobel Hannen and Margaret Richardson against Isobel Waddell’s local team of Liz Horton, Dot Moran and Jackie Craig. Again both teams had qualified for the knock out stages from Women’s Section B. Cannon secured their place in the final running out 7-3 winners over Grace Paterson’s Kinross rink. Waddell had a strong semi-final beating Ena Smith’s rink 6-2.

In the first end Christine Cannon had hammer and faced two shots with her last stone. She hit the first shot but rolled out giving one shot to Isobel Waddell. In the second end with Christine’s last stone she attempted a hit and stick but caught the stone at the wrong angle jamming Isobel’s and giving Isobel another steal of one.

There were more stones in play in the third end and Christine’s first shot, an attempted double take out, just caught the guard. Isobel tried to guard her two shot stones but it over curled and left the shots open. Christine played the hit but jammed one of Isobel’s stones, another steal of one for Team Waddell, 3-0.

In the fourth end Team Cannon played come arounds one after the other and looked to be in for a high scoring end until Isobel played a perfect hit and roll behind the guard with her first shot. Christine then followed that with a perfect hack weight take out to lie four. Isobel played a draw with her final stone which was difficult to move; Christine played the hit to take two.

A good end was played by Team Cannon in the fifth, which say Isobel facing two shots with her final stone. She elected to draw and played it perfectly. Cannon controlled the sixth end taking two to level the score at four each.

The seventh end was quite an open end; Isobel attempted to hit and roll to blank the end but was marginally light and missed the shot on the inside giving Cannon a one shot lead going into the last end.

The final end gave Isobel the opportunity for two shots and the win with Team Cannon lying shot in the four foot unguarded and Team Waddell lying second shot at the back of the twelve foot. Isobel’s stone over curled leaving Cannon with one shot and the Scottish Senior Women’s title.

Presentations WomenSkip Christine Cannon thanked her team after the game saying, “They are great to play with, they offer me so much support and we have such fun as well and we are very good friends so I can’t ask for much more in my team.”. She continued, “My commiserations must go to Isobel and her team, they’ve had a great week here in Hamilton playing on their local ice and they gave us an amazing final today.”

Men's Presentations


David Henderson, Vice President of The Royal Caledonian Curling Club (pictured left at the presentations with Fiona Hardie, Ladies Branch President, far right) made his closing remarks, “We have enjoyed a wonderful Championships and would just like to offer my congratulations to Team Cannon and Team Prentice and also my commiserations to Teams Waddell and Adam. The finals were hugely enjoyable to watch and certainly compelling viewing. Congratulations and thanks too, to all the competitors who have made this such a successful event. The competition has certainly been intense with very many of the games very closely contested.”

For full line score results and tables click Scottish Senior Championships

Prentice and Cannon will now represent Scotland at the World Senior Curling Championships which this year take place at Dumfries Ice Bowl from 23rd-30th April 2014.

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