RCCC Subscriptions for 2015-2016

For the attention of club secretaries and treasurers:

This year the subscription invoices will be issued by post to club secretaries on 30th September for payment by 31st October.

You can help us to make the payment process run smoothly by following these guidelines:-

  • Make sure your club has at least one database administrator appointed to look after your members records. Many clubs have several administrators so that member records are changed as they happen during the season and not just once a year.
  • Remove members who have left your club before 25th September. If you need any help with this task please call the Edinburgh Head Office on 0131 333 3003. Remember, you will be invoiced for all eligible members.
  • Please try to add new members to your record before the 25th September. You will be invoiced separately by email for any members added after 25th September so save yourself time and effort by making sure your club record is correct.
  • Make sure all your members have an address and postcode on their record so that their membership card does not go missing.

Ordinary Members – £19.00
Honorary Playing Members – £19.00
Junior Members (under the age of 21 years of age) – £6.00 (We must hold a date of birth in our system for this rate to apply)

Pay by BACS
Pay by cheque
Pay by phone using a credit or debit card

Membership cards
Cards will be posted direct to members once payment has been received.

Note: The information above has been emailed directly to club secretaries and treasurers we hold an email address for.

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