Record Turnout of Umpires for Annual Refresher Day

A record number of fifty seven umpires turned out for The Royal Caledonian Curling Club’s (RCCC) annual Refresher Day on Saturday 12th September which again was held at Lanarkshire Ice Rink, Hamilton.

Convenor Bill Duncan reported on how the Umpiring Committee operated as well as a summary of the competitions all our umpires had officiated at, both here and abroad. In particular he commented how last season 12 of the 14 World Curling Federation (WCF) organised Championships had RCCC umpires on their umpire teams. RCCC Coaching & Workforce Development Manager, Giles Lomax, and RCCC Competition Co-ordinator, Aline Hardie, were also in attendance to outline their roles within the RCCC in relation to umpiring.

A review of the season past included reporting on the new LSD procedure that was introduced in January and how ‘tools’ were developed to enable umpires to undertake this part of their duties. The rule changes passed at the Annual General Meeting and the plans to introduce Team Information Sheets and On Ice Assistant sheets for wheelchair curling were also covered.

IT practice_1 webA presentation on ‘Technology in Umpiring’ outlining developments both in the RCCC and WCF led into the small group discussion when everyone had an opportunity to try a Scoring App that had been produced by Alan Stephen who was on hand together with Aline to give instruction in its use (pictured left).

Refresher Day_Small group discussion_1 webTwo sessions looking at scenarios including a number of video clips from last season generated much discussion as umpires of all levels of experience considered the options on application of the rules for those situations.

Working out tiebreaks_1Small teams of three after lunch tackled a number of tie-break scenarios in a mythical Scottish Curling Senior Championships before Bill Duncan, who is also one of the four International representatives for the RCCC to the WCF, reported on its recent Congress and some rules changes made. Umpire Alan Stanfield then looked at a number of those rule changes that directly impact on how umpires work.

The Convenor closed a very varied and successful day by thanking everyone for their support and as one person attending for the first time said afterwards, they could not believe how quickly six hours could go by!

Scotland secure their first win in North Bay with an 8-5 victory over Germany! #curling #wwcc2018


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