Remembering Ian Robb

20150424133033Ian Robb was an Honorary Member of Pitlochry Curling Club, and a founding director and first chairman of the Atholl Curling Rink. He was known all around the world, having attended Silver Broom competitions and other World Curling Championships over many years. He played in an early Tour to Canada and was a valuable member of the RCCC Council and a past President of the Atholl Province. However Ian’s flagship was the establishment of the Atholl Curling Rink which was enjoyed by many coming to the Hotel Curling Weekends from all over Scotland and further afield for other prestigeous events.  The curlers in Atholl were greatly indebted to Ian for the opportunity to curl in their own curling rink (sadly now closed) and their inheritance of curling success at National, International and Olympic level still continues today.
Many friends and curlers came to support Sheila and family on 1st April 2015 at the funeral of Ian Robb who will be greatly missed.

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