Remembering Past President Donald L. Whyte

The Royal Caledonian Curling Club was saddened to hear of the passing of past President Donald L. Whyte on the evening of Sunday, 26 May 2013.

At his funeral on 3 June 2013, Donald Whyte was given a wonderful send-off by family, friends and neighbours. His wife Carol and son Stewart were touched by the number of curlers who turned out on the day, showed their support and kind wishes. They have asked us to thank all those who sent cards and messages and all those who filled the crematorium in their blue jackets. He may be gone from here but will not be forgotten.

Born in Dunfermline in 1934, and educated at a local primary school. Donald went to Dollar Academy in 1947 and from there, in 1953, joined the Royal Air Force for his National Service. His time at Dollar set the pattern for his enjoyment of sport where he played rugby and cricket.

Donald was the the Chairman of Dunfermline Round Table in 1974/75 and it was in his Table days that he enjoyed his first game of curling. This was played at the then, recently opened Kelso Ice Rink. After his Table days, he was invited to join Dunfermline Rotary Club and enjoyed more than 17 happy years as a member. His curling started in 1977 when he joined the Dunfermline Curling Club. In 1981, David Young formed a team and they played together in many of the Kirkcaldy lce Rink competitions, then in season 1990/1991 they played with George Hardie and Alan Hempseed in their fast National Seniors Championship and won at Kinross.

In the season 1991/1992 he was President of the Dunfermline Club and in seasons 1991/1996 held the position of Secretary for Area 7. In 1996 he was elected to be the RCCC Council Representative for the West Fife Province and Area 7. He held the convenership of the P.P & P.R committee for three years and in the third year, he was convener of the Millennium Grand Match committee.

Donald L. Whyte was president of the RCCC in 2002/03. He was also the captain of the Centenary Canadian winning tour (East and West) for the Strathcona Cup 2003.

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