Review: Greenacres Under 17 Slam

The Greenacres Under 17 Slam for the Baljaffray Trophy was held at Greenacres Curling Rink over the first weekend in December. Ninety two competitors took part in six sections of four teams per section. All games were of 6 end duration except for the final which was 8 ends.

The trophy was first played for in 1988 and it was introduced by virtue of donation by Margaret and Jim Paul, who farmed at Baljaffray; two keen curlers and Margaret is still curling today.  This was the 25th  Anniversary of the competition and during most of these years Margaret and Jim attended and presented the prizes

In the quarter finals, Low Road, the results were wins for Sutherland (11-1), Carson and Shearer played gamely through to a close (5-3) win for Carson. But in the High Road, thrills were provided by Dagen and Whyte. Nip and tuck tactics provided a peal situation at End 5. It looked certain that Whyte would win with one shot tucked inside a Dagen stone at the front of the house. Dagen attempted a superb try at taking this stone out but just underestimated the line/weight and, the Whyte stone although moved won the game (4-3) for Whyte.

At the semi-finals  Low Road. (7-4) win for Carson and a (9-3) win for Carswell. In the High Road, Baird won (5-4) and a similar (5-4)win for Whyte.

In the Finals, thrilling entertainment and a great display of curling tactics was demonstrated by the four teams. In the Low Road  Carson v Carswell (4-8) with nail biting play from beginning to end. In the High Road, Baird v Whyte, at the eighth end score was peeled at (3-3) with both teams keeping the pressure up – Whyte triumphed with his last stone at the extra end.

The competition was well attended by parents and friends and the games were contested keenly in the true spirit of curling. Well played all those who took part.

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