Russian Women Crowned 2016 European Champions

Women’s Final: Russia 6, Sweden 4.

In a dramatic last end, it all down to the last stone of the game, when Sweden’s skip Anna Hasselborg wrecked her last-stone draw attempt to give Russia a two-point steal for a 6-4 win and the gold medals.

Hasselborg played a cross-house tap-out on two Russian stones to score two points in the first end and take an advantage that she just failed to maintain all the way.

The game remained tight all the way, with, in the ninth, Russia’s skip Victoria Moiseeva tapping out a Swedish stone to score the one point that levelled the game at 4-4. Then, with the last stone of the tenth end, Sweden’s Hasselborg played what would be under normal circumstances a straightforward draw for players of this level, only to wreck on a front guard and hand Russia a steal of one point for a 6-4 win and the European title.

This win by Russia is the first time since 2005 that a nation has retained the women’s crown.

After the game, Hasselborg said, “I still can’t believe that we actually lost. I had played the exact same shot earlier and we had the same ice – I have no idea how that last rock ran … I have no words. It was there all along and the curl didn’t come – I have no idea why. I’m proud of my team but sad about the silver medal.”

Meanwhile, a disbelieving Moiseeva said, “we don’t quite understand this has happened to us! Of course, we were hoping for that and now it’s happened, it just feels great. I thought she was going to make it (last stone draw) and we had done what we could so she wouldn’t make it. I didn’t think it would be that way, but it happened! It’s so great to win the gold at our first European Championship. We qualified from fourth place and now we’re here.”

Next at Braehead Arena is the men’s final between Sweden and Norway which gets underway at 3pm. Watch live coverage on World Curling TV

Report: Mike Haggerty

Photo WCF / Jeffrey Au

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