Scottish Championships New Entry and Qualifying Process

A new system of entry and qualification has been introduced for the 2016 Scottish Curling Championships that will incorporate ranking points from the World Curling Tour and Goldline Scottish Curling Tour (GSCT) alongside the traditional qualifying competition format.

From 31 July 2015, all teams wishing to enter the 2016 Scottish Curling Championships should register with the RCCC using the event entry form. The ten qualifying teams of each gender to feature at the Championships in February (13th – 20th) 2016 at Dewars Centre, Perth will then be determined from:

  • Ranking System (8 Teams)
  • Qualifying Competition (2 Teams)

The Scottish Curling Championships Ranking System will be derived from the World Curling Tour (WCT) Order of Merit (OOM) and Goldline Scottish Curling Tour (GSCT) Leaderboard (eligible events only).  Direct qualification will be granted to the top 3 eligible Scottish Teams registered on the WCT OOM (year to date points only) and the top 5 eligible Scottish Teams registered on the GSCT Leaderboard following the completion of Perth Mercure Masters or Glynhill International.  In cases where teams qualify in multiple scenarios (for instance, a team is eligible in both the WCT OOM and GSCT Leaderboard), the WCT teams will be selected first, then the next five highest ‘registered’ teams on the GSCT Leaderboard would qualify.

As of July 2015, the following GSCT Events will be eligible for Scottish Curling Championship qualification:

  • The Braehead Open
  • Dumfries Open
  • Dumfries Challenge Series
  • Edinburgh International
  • Forfar Open

Teams will only be able to accrue points from competitions where they field eligible players under the rules of the Scottish Curling Championships.

The format for the Qualifying Competition to determine the remaining 2 teams will be dependent on the number of teams registered.  Only teams who have registered by the published closing date will be eligible to compete in the Qualifying Competition.  Closing date for registration will be 31st August 2015 (RCCC reserves the right to extend the entry period). If fewer than 11 entries are received for either gender, all teams of that gender will progress to the Championship. If required the qualifiers will take place on 21st -24th January at Braehead ice rink, Glasgow.

Qualification systems have evolved since the Scottish Curling Championships began in 1962 (men) and 1977 (women) and these latest developments will support teams in their preparations and participation in relevant curling tournaments in Scotland whilst maintaining the open entry policy which has always existed. It will also ensure that the Championships remain in line with the pace of development of elite level curling internationally.

Entries are now open and entry forms can be downloaded here.

Scottish Curling Men’s Championship – Entry Form

Scottish Curling Women’s Championship – Entry Form
Entry fees are:

Registration                        £50

Qualifier                               pay per play

Championships                 £250

Photo: Richard Gray

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