Scottish Performance Foundation Investment Policy

Nominations are being sought from 1st – 10th June 2017 for all levels of programme.  

All players in a team need to email the British Curling Performance Director ( separately to confirm the other three members of the team. This is to avoid any duplication of players appearing in more than one team. For the full selection timeline, view the policy in its entirety below.

More information about the programme can be found in the Scottish Curling Foundation Investment Policy (May 2017/18), which is available below. More information about the Performance Pathway can be found under the Performance section of the RCCC website.

Scottish Curling Foundation Investment Policy (May 2017/18)

The investment received from Sport Scotland, which underpins the Performance Foundation programme will have a primary outcome for 2017-18 season:

  • Scottish players moving into the British programme

The British programme is invested in by UK Sport. The investment received from UK Sport is designed to achieve medaling in the Men and Women’s Olympic Games in 2018 and 2022.

  • Podium Investment is for to medal in 2018
  • Podium Potential is for to qualify in 2018 and medal in 2022.

(Note: In Curling, with teams on the programme competing amongst one another for Olympic qualification, it is not possible for 2 teams to qualify and one to medal. In individual sports this can happen with different athletes competing at Olympics with different investment targets.)

One of Scottish Curling Performance programme’s key roles is to invest in the right players/teams to maximize the potential for British Curling to medal at the Olympics in 2022, 2026 and further on. Targets along this journey may include World Juniors, World University Games and WCT rankings. Those players/teams invested in at Performance Foundation must have the intent and commitment to embark on a minimum 5-year journey and potential longer into future Olympics. Players should read the British Curling Investment Policy to understand the further performance targets and lifestyle priorities required to receive investment from British Curling leading into the Olympics.

Investment Criteria

For season 2017/18, there will continue to be a teams of each gender on the Scottish Curling Performance Foundations Programme.

(Please note this can only be finally confirmed after the Annual Investment Review that every Winter sport has with Sport Scotland each May/June as they have the ability to increase, standstill or decrease the funding to any sport. The results of this will be known in late June).

In each gender, teams will invested in with the following priority:

  • Teams and players capable of moving into the British programme from 2018-19 to compete for the 2022 Beijing Olympics

This potential will be assessed on the following criteria;

  • Previous 3 season’s results of teams/players including WCT rankings.
  • If applicable, previous performance on programme as team/player as evidenced through Team Investment plans/Individual Athlete Development plans. This will incorporate commitment to all aspect of performance e.g. Physical preparation, performance analysis and where relevant agreed outcomes achieved.
  • Team’s/Individuals ability for a growth mindset, robustness and team cohesion.

For 2017-18, there will be no set criteria that there must be a Junior World eligible team in each gender. That is not to say that junior eligible teams and players will not be part of Performance Foundation in 2017-18 season.

Only in exceptional circumstances will players be picked as individuals onto the programme and not as part of a team who are being in invested in. The exceptional circumstances will be where the programme considers that the individual has a strong ability to meet the criteria of moving into the British programme level in the next Olympic cycle.

Players who are selected as individuals can either then play with non programme players in an agreed set of tournaments or may come together to play in a team of other programme players, but the programme wants to invest in for the aforementioned future development. Based on recent experiences of such players, then the programme will reserve the right to take the decision to establish the individual players into one team.

Players forming teams at Performance Foundations must be aware that some potential team mates may be invited to join British programme teams. Therefore during May and June, teams need to be aware of this potential disruption to their plans and be able to adjust accordingly.

All players on the Podium Potential investment, will be required to compete in their Scottish Mixed Doubles Championship. The rationale for this is to ensure there is a wider group of players with Mixed Doubles experience leading into the next Olympic cycle and to ensure we send a strong pair to the 2018 World Mixed Doubles Championships.


The following panel will make the decisions on which teams and players to invest in for 2017/18:

Graeme Thompson – Performance Director and Chair of the Panel

Tony Zummack – Head of Coaching

Barbara McFarlane – Performance Development Coach

Observer/Board representative to Investment Panel meeting will be Bruce Crawford (Chief Executive, Royal Caledonian Curling Club)

As each player/team is considered, panel members will declare any conflict of interest and the Chair will decide if that panel member can contribute to the discussion. In the case that the Chair has a conflict of interest the CEO of the RCCC will decide if he/she can contribute to the discussion.

All conflicts of interest will be noted in the minutes of the investment meeting, as will the investment decisions and the reasons for them.

To make their decisions the investment panel will use this document and:

  1. their expert knowledge of the sport and the future target Games/Championships;
  2. where available and/or applicable:
    • previous individual conditions and/or targets set for the player/team;
    • information included in the programme Investment

Timelines to Investment

16th May – Issue Investment Policy for British Men and Women and Scottish Performance Foundation Men and Women. Publicise the new selection and investment policy and process and advertise for players presently not on the programme, who wish to apply.

16th May onwards – Advice on investment criteria and potential selection by players of make-up of their teams available from all staff.

1st – 10th June – window of nomination from teams for investment from programme at all levels of programme. All players in a team need to email the Performance Director ( to confirm the other 3 members of the team. This is to avoid any duplication of players appearing in more than one team.

11th June16th June – formal confirmation of investment to be given to teams. Invite issues to attend investment meeting.

20th 30th June – investment team meetings.

Please note that these timelines may be adjusted due to the ongoing selection process for the Olympic teams/investment into GB Podium Potential teams.

Team Investment

Once teams have been formally agreed to be on the programme, each team will be asked to attend a meeting between 20th and 30th June. They will be asked to make a proposal for investment levels from the programme covering the following:

  • Tournament schedule
  • Training schedule
  • Coaching – technical and team
  • Physical preparation
  • Team Dynamics including Psychology
  • Performance Analysis
  • Performance Lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  • Other specialist services – sleep, clothing
  • Potential areas for research

A team will not be expected to cost out any of the above. This will be done by the programme and general funding levels will be given as information guidance to the teams. The team should be able to explain why the proposals they are making across all of the above will help them to achieve their performance goals.

They will also be asked to provide their tournament goals for the season and other performance measures such as strategy and individual playing statistics.  These should include developing them as a team and players for future promotion into the British programme. These will be agreed with the programme.

Following the meeting, the Performance Director will send an email out confirming investment levels, noting the key programme support (e.g. team coach, team dynamic activity) and confirming the agreed performance goals.

In December 2017, the team will be asked to discuss their progress against their stated and agreed performance measures at the mid-point of the season.

At the end of the season in April/May 2018, then teams will be asked to discuss their final progress against their stated and agreed performance measures. This will be a key session for all to consider if the team is on track to meet its future goals. This meeting will be an important one to inform whether the team will be continued to be invested in

In both of these meetings, it is important to engage in discussion that centres around the reasons that caused performance to be achieved or not and how it informs future planning, preparation and behaviour.

Player Eligibility for Investment by Scottish Curling Performance Foundations programme

To be considered for investment to the Programme, athletes must meet the eligibility criteria set out in ‘UK Sport’s Eligibility and Consequences Policy’, which apply to all athletes in all funded sports. Athletes should check their eligibility against the full criteria by following the link here, but in summary the athlete must:

  • meet the eligibility and investment requirements of the IOC, the IPC, the BOA/BPA and the athlete’s International Federation/NGB to compete for Team GB and to represent or be a member of the GB or Home Nation Teams at International Competitions;
  • be a British national/British passport holder;
  • not already be serving a suspension or be ineligible from participating in their sport for any reason;
  • not already be ineligible to receive funding from UK Sport or Sport Scotland;
  • not have an unspent conviction for a serious criminal offence in the UK;
  • not have a conviction for a serious offence relating to betting, manipulation of results or corrupt conduct;
  • not have brought, or bring, through their actions or comments (directly or indirectly) the National Lottery or UK Sport into serious disrepute.

Additionally, to be, or to remain, eligible for the Programme, athletes must meet the following criteria required by the Scottish Curling Performance programme:

  • be seeking Programme investment for an event which is confirmed on the event programme for the 2018 Winter Olympics;
  • sign and return the Programme Athlete Agreement within 14 days of being offered a WCP place (copy available here);
  • Must be a current member of a Royal Caledonian Curling Club.

Appeals Relating to Scottish Curling Performance Foundation Investment Decisions

The following procedures have been adopted by Scottish Curling performance programme in consideration of any appeal made by or on behalf of any player or team wishing to appeal his or her investment from the Scottish Curling Performance Foundations Programme 2017/18, and can be found in appendix 1.

Any player or team seeking a review of an investment decision should be aware of the time limits contained in the policy which are designed with the intention of resolving issues in a timely, fair and transparent manner.

All players and teams should read this policy carefully and satisfy themselves that they are eligible to appeal in the first instance.  Any appeals which do not satisfy the grounds of appeals will be dismissed automatically.

The parties agree not to commence, continue, and maintain any legal challenge to any matter falling under the jurisdiction of the review panel before any court of law or dispute resolution body without first following this procedure.

Appendix 1

Decision Review Process

  1. A player or team may request a review of a investment decision by submitting a written request to the Performance Director for a review within 3 working days of the announcement of the investment decision, stating the grounds for the review.
  2. Reviews will only be considered on the grounds of;
    • The investment policy process was not followed.
    • Misconduct of selectors.

There are no appeals allowed against the content of the published investment criteria and therefore against the actions of the investment panel, provided they follow the investment criteria. The criteria for appeal may not include any alleged error of judgment of the investment panel.

  1. The review will be coordinated by Performance Director and comprise of a panel consisting of the CEO of the Royal Club (who in normal circumstances will chair the process) and members of the RCCC Performance Committee (or an agreed representative of either) within 7 days of receipt of the request for a review and may at the Review Panel’s absolute discretion, include a meeting with the relevant athlete/ Coach(es).
  2. The Review. Panel can make one of two decisions can be made at this stage. The panel can:
  • Uphold the appeal and request the Investment Panel to reconsider it
  • Reject the appeal.

The Review Panel must make full justification of any decision made.

  1. The decision of the Review Panel is final and binding on all parties, as the review process is an exercise of discretion in the matter of investment. It is not a disciplinary or ‘judicial’ finding and as such, is not subject to further appeal.


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