Scottish Men Chicago Bound for 2017 USA Curling Tour

Final preparations are well underway for Scotland’s tour to the USA in January 2017 to compete for the Herries Maxwell trophy. Competition for the coveted silverware is played out every five years between men from Scotland and the USA. Touring parties travel to play for the trophy on a 10-year cycle. The last Scottish tour was in 2007 when curlers toured the USA and brought back the trophy. It was then recovered by the USA in their return tour in 2012.

RCCC President, Clive Thomson, will captain the party of twenty curlers selected from clubs across the breadth of the country. Some 30 games will be played by each curler over the three-week tour of the northern states and preparations for the challenge are well under way.  Over the summer, the Tourists have had a series of meetings and practice sessions to make the necessary arrangements and to help the party get to know each other.  Now, with the countdown measuring in days, the itinerary has firmed up and we know where they are headed, who they are playing and when.

The tour will start in Chicago with a practice game on Sunday, January 15th and finish off in Boston with the final game and closing banquet at Brookline Country Club on Sunday 5th February.

Check out the tour website for details  and save it to your favourites to keep tabs on their progress.

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