Sports Debate in Scottish Parliament features Curling

The Scottish Parliament held a debate on sport in parliament yesterday (2/6/11) and Curling featured on a number of occasions and more than most other sports.  The section below is the extracts from the debate that featured curling.  We will be following this up by sending MSP’s some factual information on the recent successes and achievements that curling has achieved. A link to the full transcript is provided below.


Dr Richard Simpson (Mid Scotland and Fife) (Lab):

There are already problems with the maintenance and upgrading of facilities in some of the smaller local authorities. Local authorities always cut maintenance in times of austerity. How will we ensure that facilities will be maintained? I mention three areas in that regard. First, ice rinks remain a problem, as the committee noted in its report on pathways into sport and physical activity. Curling should be one of our national sports.


Mark McDonald (North East Scotland) (SNP):

I begin by referring to something that Dr Simpson said. He referred to curling, and I recommend that he visit the fantastic, state-of-the-art Curl Aberdeen facility. The European curling championships were recently hosted in Aberdeen, and compliments were given by competitors on the standard of the facility.

I must sound a slightly down note, however: on coming into power on Aberdeen City Council, the SNP had to invest £1 million in the Linx ice arena in order to hold those championships and to bring the arena up to the required standard. That was due to an unfortunate legacy of neglect and underinvestment under previous Labour, Lib Dem and Tory administrations.

Dr Richard Simpson (Mid Scotland and Fife) (Lab):

Many specific sports have been mentioned. Mark McDonald invited me to go to Aberdeen. I say to Mark—sorry, to Mr McDonald; we are not allowed to use first names, as I should know—that I do not need to go as far as Aberdeen; Stirling has a new curling rink, which has been very successful. I learned at an event I attended that 70 youngsters are participating in early training in the sport. Some of them use devices to throw the stones. They are obviously enjoying the activity a great deal. I believe that there is to be a new centre at Kinross, as well. The establishment of new centres reflects an important development, but the trouble is that ice rinks are declining, and there are serious problems with curling. The Health and Sport Committee heard evidence in that regard from various people.

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