Team Murdoch: 2017 Scottish Curling Men’s Champions!

The Men’s Final of the Scottish Curling Championships took place at a packed Dewars Centre, Perth on Saturday 25th February with Team Murdoch taking the 2017 Scottish Curling Men’s Championship title. Team Murdoch will now represent Scotland at the World Men’s Curling Championship in Edmonton, Canada, 1st – 9th April 2017. The last time the players in the Murdoch rink won the Scottish Championship title was in 2013 – just before the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

There was an exciting start to the final – with seven of Team Murdoch’s stones in play and the potential for a massive end if David could pull off a very difficult double, after Bruce’s final stone came up light. David managed to remove the opposition shot stone but wasn’t quite able to make the most of the opportunity, picking up a respectable two in the first end. Team Mouat had hammer in the second end and took full advantage, bouncing back from a rocky start to draw for two and level the scoreline.

By his last stone in the third end Bruce was facing multiple opposition counters and he was light with a draw, giving David the chance to draw for four. David made it and after a measure to confirm who sat fourth stone Team Murdoch went 6-2 up. The fourth end saw play revolve around a few stones close to the centre and Bruce once again faced a lot of opposition stones; he played a tricky angled raise and nailed it to save the end and score one.

An unfortunate jam for Bruce in the fifth end meant the loss of his second shot stone, so after David played he faced three. A light draw from Bruce looked like it was going to manage to cut Team Murdoch down, even though it wasn’t shot. David was able to take it out however, and although not all his stones stayed in play, Team Murdoch still claimed a three to put the score at 9-3 at the fifth end break.

With his last stone in the sixth, facing two very level opposition stones, David managed to pull off a difficult double, leaving Bruce to hit and roll out to blank and retain hammer. Team Mouat stuck in during the seventh end and although Bruce’s first stone was heavy, when David was light with a freeze onto it he left a chance for a double and a score of two. Bruce hit it a bit thin and therefore rolled out, only claiming a one.

It looked like Team Mouat were going to capitalise on a couple of mistakes from Team Murdoch in the eighth, however they only managed to limit Team Murdoch to a one, at which point handshakes were offered with the final score 10-4.




All line scores from the Championships are available at: Scottish Curling Championships

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Photos: Brian Battensby

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