Dumfries Win The Henderson Bishop

The Henderson Bishop Trophy

The final of the Henderson Bishop 2014 saw the young Dumfries team of Naomi White, Fiona Telfer, Caroline Donaldson and Sophie Jackson pitched against last year’s Cherrystone winners from Murrayfield – Susan Kesley, Jenny Barr, Fran Stretton and Morna Aitken.

Henderson Bishop Trophy winners 2014 (B McM) - webMurrayfield, with the hammer, scored one in the first end.(0:1) The Dumfries girls blanked the second end and capitalised on the last stone advantage with a two in the third.(2:1) Susan had to draw the shot for a single to level the score at the halfway mark.(2:2) but at the fifth her last stone caught the guard and left Naomi with a hit and stick for two.(4:2)  The sixth end was tense with a lot of stones in play. With Dumfries lying two, Susan’s attempted double but was only partly successful and the home team managed to steal a one. (5.2). Murrayfield bounced back with a hit and roll for two at the penultimate end. (5.4)  The home team were under pressure in the eighth but Murrayfield’s last stone caught the guard and left Naomi with a takeout opportunity. Calmness personified, the young Dumfries skip obliged to secure the victory. (6:4)

Pictured (L-R) Fiona Hardie, Naomi Whyte, Fiona Telfer, Caroline Donaldson, Sophie Jackson

The Cherrystone

Cherrystone finalists 2014 (B McM) - webThe Low Road final for the Cherrystone was between Lanarkshire 2 (Isobel Waddell, Jane McLaren, Carole Marsh, Elaine Turnbull) and Stranraer (Gail Munro, Maureen Parker, Beth Parker, Mary Anne McWilliam pictured)

Stranraer, with the hammer scored one in the first (0:1) and Lanarkshire levelled at the second (1:1). In the third end, Gail had to play takeout to secure a point which she did (1:2) and then eased further ahead with a steal of one in the fourth (1:3). The fifth end proved to be the turning point in this game. Stranraer’s last play made no impact on the three Lanarkshire counters and left Isobel with a draw for four (5:3) which she backed up with a steal of one at the sixth (6:3). A Stranraer single followed in the seventh (6:4) but they could not make up the deficit in the eighth and final score (6:5) was recorded in Lanarkshire’s favour.

Report by Mima Telfer, photos by Brian McMeekin


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