Team Whyte & Team Murray triumph at Greenacres

12 junior men’s teams and 8 junior women’s teams competed at Greenacres in the first of four Asham Under 21 Slam events this season.
In the junior men’s semi finals, Team Whyte overcame Team Bryce with good 4th and 5th ends which saw them notch a total of 5 shots in 2 ends, whilst Team Barr had a narrow victory over a local side skipped by James Carswell.

Team Whyte started solidly in the final, leading 4-0 after 2 ends.  Barr took 2 shots back followed by a steal of 1 in the fourth end after Team Barr’s second player Fraser Thomson, drew the four foot around a centre guard which Team Whyte couldn’t remove. The fifth end was open and Grant Barr was unfortunate not to roll far enough with his last stone allowing Ross Whyte to make a nose hit for 2 shots and a 6-3 lead.  Whyte stole a single in the sixth end and in the seventh end Ross Whyte played a superb shot to pick out two of Barr’s counters in the four foot and leave his team lying 2.  Barr’s final stone of the end came up short of the house and they conceded the game with a score line of 9-3.

Greenacres Junior Master’s (men) winners pictured L-R are Ross Whyte, James Baird, Gavin Barr & Euan Kyle.

Murray - Greenacres close upIn the junior women’s semi finals, team Amy MacDonald skipped by Lesley Young had a convincing 8-1 win over the Murrayfield team skipped by Karina Aitken, whilst last year’s Slam winning skip Katie Murray took her new team to the final of the Greenacres Junior Masters with a 5-2 win over the Lanarkshire side skipped by Mairi MacDonald.

The final saw Team Murray take their two in the first end but Team A MacDonald responded with 1 and 2 shots scored consecutively to edge ahead. Team Murray took control of the game from the fourth end when Hailey Duff played a fantastic hit and roll onto the button behind 2 guards, followed by a draw on top of it, leaving her team to guard up for the rest of the end.  Young had no route to the button and Murray took 3 shots and a 5-3 lead.  The fifth end was an open end and Young opted to blank with her final stone but Murray stole 2 shots in the sixth end to go 7-3 ahead.  A pressure shot for Team MacDonald against 3 Team Murray counters saw Lesley Young tap her stone into the 8 foot to take one in the seventh end.  Team Murray kept the eighth end clear to head towards victory.  MacDonald lay 2 shots when Murray played the last stone of the game, making a double to clear the house and blank the end.  The final score was7-4.

Greenacres Junior Masters (women) winners pictured L-R are Katie Murray, Sophie Jackson, Hailey Duff & Ellie Fraser.

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