The Four Nations 2014 – Team Announcement

The Royal Caledonian Curling Club is pleased to announce that the following Royal Club members (49) have been invited to play in the Four Nations 2014 competition.  This is a weekend social event played annually between the governing bodies of each of the home nations (England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales) in January, and is hosted in turn by all four nations.  The host nation in 2014 is Ireland, and the event will be played at Lanarkshire Ice Rink, Hamilton on 18th – 19th January 2014.

Kate Adams (Portpatrick)
Kerry Adams-Taylor (Wigtown)
Robert Anderson (Galston & Haymouth)
Jenny Bain (Edinburgh Ladies)
Edward Baines (Ayr & Alloway)
Joe Barry (Livingston)
Maggie Barry (Livingston)
Gilbert Carmichael (Port Glasgow)
John Carson (Wishaw)
James Carswell (Skelmorlie)
Nikolas Cartwright (East Kilbride)
Lyndsay Cumming (Portpatrick)
Scott Dakers (Carrington)
Catherine Dodds (Carrington)
Pat Edington (Boswall)
Jill Florence (Carrington)
John Good (Haddington)
David Hardie (Crocketford)
Fiona Hardie (Crocketford)
David Hardie Jnr (Crocketford)
David Henderson (New Abbey)
Jim Hogg (Ruthwell)
Jan Howard (Reform)
Elspeth Johnston (Kilsyth Ladies)
Norman Johnstone (Kilmacolm)
Ian Keron (Oatridge)
Ian Kerr (Aberdeen)
Corrie Lawrence (Beresford Ladies)
Euan Lawrence (Gangrels)
Gordon (Lyon  Patrick)
Carol Lyon (Crossmyloof)
Malcolm Macaskill (Blythswood)
Harry Macpherson (Midcalder)
John McDermott (Ardgowan)
John McGowan (Cathcart Castle)
Lorna McMillan (Castle Kennedy)
David McRoberts (Eaglesham)
Gail Munro (Castle Kennedy)
Malcolm Patrick (Watsonian)
Abigail Rennie (Duddingston)
Alan Russell (Midcalder)
Richard Stevenson (Leswalt)
Stew Sutherland (Skelmorlie)
David Telfer (South Lanarkshire W/Chair)
Clive Thomson (Glasgow Academicals)
Judith Thomson (Rolling Stones)
John Wilson (Lesmahagow)
Jay Wilson (Hamilton School of Young Curlers)
Graham Young (Livingston)

A number of prestigious trophies will be played for over the course of the weekend, including the Tom Ballantyne Trophy (Scotland men versus England men) which England holds, the Connie Miller Trophy (Scotland ladies versus England ladies) which Scotland holds, the Welsh Stone (Big Bertha) (Scotland men, ladies, mixed versus Wales men, ladies, mixed), which Wales holds, and the Marshall Millennium Trophy (Scotland men, ladies, mixed versus Ireland men, ladies, mixed) which Ireland holds.

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