Dewars Takes The Rink Championship Title

After two long days of highly competitive curling, and an 8 ender scored by Fotheringham CC during the round-robin stages, the quarterfinalists arrived for a 9am start on Sunday.
Quarter Final One was a derby match between Dewars 1, Dunning and Dewars 2, Airleywight. Airleywight jumped to a 3 shot lead after two ends however Dunning pulled it back to peels after 4. The teams exchanged 2’s in ends 5 and 6. The decisive 7th end saw Dunning build 4 shots round the front of the house. Kenny Kinnear’s (Airleywight) final shot was drawn round a guard and hidden and Ian Watt (Dunning) then made the perfect run back on the guard for 5 taking the final score to 10-5 to Dunning.
Quarter Final Two: Forfar 1, Fotheringham, 2013 champions, against Curl Aberdeen 1, Meldrum & Daviot. In a similar start to the first Quarter Final, the teams were tied at 3-3 after 4 ends. Fotheringham scored 1’s in the 5th and 6th ends before Meldrum & Daviot blanked the 7th end. Adrian White faced 2 with his last. He elected to try a fairly flat double to remove both. His hit was almost successful but planted the first to a back stone and failed to clear the second out of the house. Steven Eddie had a hit and lie for 3 to win, and he kept his nerve for a 7-6 win to take Meldrum & Deviot through.
Quarter Final Three: The Peak, Keir against Ayr 1, Galston Haymouth. Keir Jumped out with a 3 at the first and a steal of 1 at the second. At 7 – 3 after 6 ends, Galston Haymouth conceded.
Quarter Final Four: Greenacres, Dalry Union against Murrayfield 1, Corstorphine. Greenacres went out to a 3-0 lead after 2 ends after which Corstorphine mounted a comeback to secure a 12-3 win to Corstorphine after 7 ends.
The semi-finals were finished in just over an hour. Keir overcame Meldrum & Daviot in four ends 8-1 with Dunning beating Corstorphine by the same score in 5 ends.
The Final saw The Peak, Keir (Lee McCleary, Judith McCleary, Gavin Fleming and Andrew McAughtrie (pictured below), versus Dewars 1, Dunning (Ian Watt, Paul Martin, David Hay. Mark Watt and Greig Marshall). The first end saw Lee McCleary for Keir control the end with a draw for two with last stone but it went a couple of feet too far and only scored a one. In the 2nd end, Ian Watt, for Dunning, was forced to draw to the 8ft for a one. In the third end, Keir tried to blank with hit and roll but just feathered the shot on the high side to leave it.  Lee McCleary, facing 3 in the 12ft in the fourth end played a draw to the button for one and brought the score to 2-2 at the half way point.
The fifth end proved decisive. Dunning’s Paul Martin, playing third, made a perfect hit and roll to lie three, lined up and guarded. Lee’s draw to the shot slipped past to lie second on the back of the 4ft. Ian drew to the front of the 8ft to close the draw to the shot. Lee then attempted a half weight double on this to lift the shot but hit millimeters too square, narrowly missing to lift the shot but taking his own second shot off the back of the 4ft.  Ian successfully drew the 4ft for a count of 3 and a 5 – 2 Dunning lead.
Clinical play by Dunning thereafter gave few chances, forcing Keir to take a one in the sixth. In the seventh, Keir played a great end lying one on the button, guarded however Ian made a perfect run back on a guard to lift a Keir shot leaving a winger shot for a 6-3 lead. Keir ran out of stones in the eighth end meaning Dunning’s won the 2014-15 RCCC Rink Championship title.

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