Third Successive European Titles For Sweden’s Edin

It took all the way to a last-stone draw in an extra end, but Sweden’s Niklas Edin landed his third successive European crown with a 6-5 win over Thomas Ulsrid’s Norway in Saturday afternoon’s final.

Sweden opened the scoring in the first end and went on to steal one point in the fifth end for a 3-1 lead at the half-time break, but a score of two by Norway levelled the game at 3-3 in the sixth end. After blanking ends seven and eight, the team swapped twos in the ninth and tenth ends to tie the game at 5-5 and put it into an extra end.

In that extra end, with last stone advantage, Edin eventually drew his final stone into the house to score the one point needed for his 6-5 win and his third successive European title.

After his record win, Niklas Edin said, “This feels great – we were looking for the gold the whole way, but we knew this would be a tough but close final. Team Norway were playing better and better through the week and we kind of lost our touch in the semi-final. We focussed on making out own shots but we had some nervous moments. It was a really exciting final and I’m glad we got the best of it.”

He added, “it’s hard to compare this with previous wins. All of them have been special in their own way but winning three in a row, it’s definitely up there. All three of them have been really sweet. I wouldn’t say there were nerves but I was definitely thinking about the path for that last stone – how light can I throw it without being too light. When I threw it, I was perfectly happy. I was feeling relief, only relief.”

Meanwhile Norway’s Thomas Ulsrud said, “I think we played a pretty good game, but if you play team Niklas Edin right now, they are the team to beat in the world – right now they’re number one. We managed to stretch them to an extra end but we just couldn’t quite handle it there. It was key that they had the hammer coming in and it was a tight game – all credit to Niklas and the boys. We have a bad record now – sixth silver in the Europeans. It’s a record but not a record I’m proud of.”

He added, “I felt our team really wanted to win today but Niklas and the boys, they’re a tough team to beat. We’re always in the mix but those Swedes…can you get rid of them, please?”

Report: Mike Haggerty

Photo: WCF/

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