Training and Practice

Through local rink Junior/Adult Coaching Programmes and Junior/Adult Camps to the Development Pathway of the Royal Club Talent Programme, Royal Club Academy and British Curling World Class Performance Programme it is acknowledged that proper training with qualified Technical coaches is a key component of success. A good technique is the foundation of all levels of Performance success as an individual athlete and as a team.

Performance Athletes now have an 11 month ice programme where detailed work on technique, strength and conditioning and sport science keep them at the top of their game.

“Time on task” is the only way to improve and to ensure muscle memory of good technique becomes second nature. Regular coaching sessions supplemented with weekly practice sessions are the only way to move forward and improve.

“Effective practice” is time spent using correct technique. Throwing 20 stones using perfect technique is far more productive than spending hour throwing stones using poor or inconsistent technique.

These documents will help structure your training sessions.

Types of shots thrown by each player in a typical game

Topics to address with Communications when on ice

Congratulations to your 2018 Ferguson Oliver Scottish Curling Senior Women's Champions - Team Kesley 🎉 Susan Kesle…


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