Umpiring Toolbox

Scottish Curling’s Umpiring Committee has produced a Toolbox as a resource for umpires to use primarily at Scottish Curling competitions, but much can equally be of use at other competitions too.

For ease of use it has been divided into five sections and links go to the relevant documents.  All forms are in Word format (or editable PDF on request) so they may be adapted for each specific competition.

The Toolbox is a new Scottish Curling development to support Umpires.  Feedback is very welcome to further improve it in the light of use by umpires during the season.  If you have any suggestions please Email Fiona Harfield, Scottish Curling Workforce Development Manager.

Click on the relevant links to download.


1. Scottish Curling Umpiring Toolbox Summary

2. Rules of the Game

3. Scottish Curling Disciplinary Procedures and Guidance

4. Scottish Curling Competition Discipline in Curling Guidelines

5. Code of Conduct for Technical Officials

6. Scottish Curling Laser Measures Guide

6a. Last Stone Draw (LSD) Measure Estimate Guide

7. Scottish Curling Policy Sweeping Devices

8. Line Scoring User Guide


9. Scottish Curling Chief Umpire (CU) Competition Check List

9a. Scottish Curling Chief Timer (CT) Competition Check list

10. Scottish Curling Chief Umpire (CU) Report Season 2017-2018

10a. Scottish Curling Chief Timer (CT) Report Season 2017-2018

11. Chief Umpire’s Disciplinary Report Form

12. Competition Requirement for Team Meeting Document (TMD) and Team Meeting Sheet (TMS)

13. Team Meeting Document (TMD)

14. Team Information Sheet (TIS)

15. Disciplinary Warning Record in Field of Play

16. Timing Equipment Application Form

17. Umpire Expenses Policy 2017-2018

17a. Umpire Expenses Claim Form 2017-2018


18. Original Line Up Form

19.  Change of Line Up Form

20. Line Scores with LSDs 2017 – 2018

21. Game Timing Form

22. LSD Player Recording Sheet

23a. Draw Shot Average Summary Form

23b. Draw Shot Average Summary Form

24. Draw Shot Challenge (DSC)

25. Summary Sheet Play Off Games

26. Stone Selection Form

Scottish Curling UMPIRING DEVELOPMENT 27-28

27. Umpiring Development Programme

28. Chief Umpire and Chief Timer Competencies


29. WCF The Rules of Curling

30. WCF Chief Umpire Manual

31. WCF Timer Training for Thinking Time

32. WCF Curltime

33. WCF Curl Distance App

34. WCF Sweeping Devices Specifications

35. WCF Approved Brush Pad Code List




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