Weekend Review: 30 Sep – 2 Oct

Over the weekend, the Cardwell Garden Centre Braehead Open took place at Braehead Curling Rink in Glasgow where 32 teams contested in the competition. The High Road was won by Kyle Smith and his Royal Club Academy junior side of Thomas Muirhead, Kyle Waddell and Kerr Drummond who defeated Ally Fraser, David Reid, Thomas Pendreigh and Ruaridh Greenwood in the final. The Middle Road was won by Lee McCleary and prizes for various other teams were won for Best Braehead Team (Chris Macfarlane), Best Senior Team (Gary Macfarlane), Top Ladies Team (Gina Aitken), Best U25 Team (Gary Cannell) and Best Non-Scottish Team (Toni Sepperi, Finland). More photos of the winners can be found at www.skipcottagecurling.blogspot.com

The Ladies’ Branch Unders and Overs Competition took place at the North West Castle Hotel in Stranraer where 12 teams competed for the trophy. The final was contested between Gail Munro, who topped Section A and Marion MacDonald who finished at the top of Section B. Gail Munro opened the final with a score of 4 in the first end, before Marion MacDonald took a lead over the next four ends scoring a single in the second, stealing singles in the third and fourth and a further steal of three shots in the fifth end. Munro and her team of Dorothy Bulloch, Rachel Mills and Willa Wilson scored a further four shots in the sixth and final end to win the 2011 Unders and Overs. Christine Cannon defeated Jan Howard in the 3rd versus 4th playoff.

At the SwissCup in Basel the Scottish men’s teams once again fared well in the tough competition. The 32 team triple knockout event featured some of the top teams in the World. Logan Gray and his team of Alasdair Guthrie, Steve Mitchell and Sandy Gilmour cruised along the A Road to book their place in the quarterfinal, while Tom Brewster used one lifeline to qualify through the B road, with a win over 2011 World Champion Jeff Stoughton along the way. David Murdoch suffered a weekend of mixed fortunes, eventually dropping out of the competition in the C road after a long stint of overseas competitions. In the quarterfinals, Team Gray met Peter De Cruz of Switzerland in the quarterfinal which was to be the end of the road for the Scot’s as they lost out 6-5. Team Brewster edged past Dominic Marki also of Switzerland in their quarterfinal to meet 2006 Olympic Champion Brad Gushue in the semi final. Gushue defeated Tom and his team of Greg Drummond, Scott Andrews and Michael Goodfellow by 6-5 in the semi before going on to defeat Peter De Cruz 4-3 in the final.

At the European Mixed Championships, Team Scotland (David Edwards, Kerry Barr, Scott Macleod and Louise Edwards) opened their campaign to defend the title they won in 2010 with a confident 7-2 win over the Austrian side skipped by Christian Roch.

Afterwards David admitted they had struggled with the ice in the opening ends. “It was totally different to practice” he said.

Speaking more about the game he said  “We got into the game and controlled from the fourth end after scoring the 2. Roch had no last shot in the seventh and we are just delighted to have won the opener.”

David Edwards is blogging from the event, check out http://teamedwardscurling.blogspot.com/  for their updates.

For more information about the competition, results and standings go to  http://emcc2011.com/

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