World Wheelchair Curling Championships Medallists

2017 Bronze Aileen Neilson, Gregor Ewan, Hugh Nibloe, Robert McPherson, Angie Malone
2011 Silver Aileen Neilson, Tom Killin, Gregor Ewan, Angie Malone, Michael McKenzie
2007 Bronze Michael McCreadie, Aileen Neilson, James Sellar, Angie Malone, James Elliot
2005 Gold Frank Duffy, Michael McCreadie, Tom Killin, Angie Malone, Ken Dickson
2004 Gold Frank Duffy, Michael McCreadie,Ken Dickson, Angie Malone, Jim Sellar
2002 Bronze Frank Duffy, Alex Harvey, Michael McCreadie, Elaine Lister, James Sellar


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