178th AGM of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club

Notice is hereby given that the 178th Annual General Meeting of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club will take place at Braehead Curling, Intu Braehead, Kings Inch Road, Glasgow G51 4BN at 2pm on Saturday 18 June 2016.  Click for details of the business of the AGM, including the Agenda, Annual Accounts, and the Annual Report.

Make your vote count!
This year there are a number of items on the agenda where we need our members to express their opinion by voting, including approving a new membership category, and some changes to the Rules of the Game.  Click for a  summary of the changes.

The items are:

  1. To approve the Minute of the AGM held on 13 June 2015
  2. To approve the Accounts and Annual Report for the year ended 30 April 2016
  3. To approve new rules or amendments (3a to 3d) to the Rule Book
  4. To approve changes (rewording of existing rules for clarity) to the Rule Book
  5. To approve a new membership category
  6. To approve the Subscriptions for 2017-18 – to remain unchanged
  7. To approve the publication of the Annual

Please note that the following positions are uncontested so no vote is required:

  • Election of Vice President – Jim Cullen (Earlston)
  • Election of Directors (2) – Graeme Adam (Reform) and Helen Hally (Craigielands)

Only RCCC members aged 21 or over who pay a full subscription to the RCCC (that is Ordinary and Honorary Playing Members), are entitled to vote as defined in Article 2.2 and Bye-Law 3.1 of the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Bye Laws of the RCCC.  Eligible members can vote either in person, online through our membership database, or by completing a paper voting form (available on request).  All online and paper votes will be checked to ensure no duplicate votes are received.

Voting online
If you share an email address only the person marked as the “primary user” will be able to vote online (one vote per email address).  We therefore ask you to register another email address.  Please contact the RCCC office on 0131 333 3003 for assistance.

Voting in person
Please remember that you MUST produce your 2015/16 membership card to collect your voting card if you choose to vote in person.  If you have any questions or require a replacement card please contact the RCCC office.

Postal and online voting closes at 2pm on Thursday 16 June 2016.

Apologies should be submitted to the RCCC office on 0131 3333 003 or emailed to Laura Barr.

NB: Members eligible to vote have been sent the Notice by email (if we hold an email address) or by post (if we don’t) with instructions on how to vote.


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