Headquarter Staff

Chief Executive Officer
Bruce Crawford
T: 0131 333 3003 Ext. 2009
M: 0784 188 0548

Appointed in 2010, Bruce heads up the staff team and is responsible for strategy, policy, finance and leads on international influencing.  He is a director on the Board, is a director of Curling Events Scotland and Trustee of our charitable arm the Scottish Curling Trust.  Bruce also supports British Curling as its Chief Operating Officer.

Head of Development 

Judith McCleary
T: 0131 333 3003 Ext. 2008
M: 0772 516 2961

Judith provides strategic leadership and direction for the development team, covering competitions, events, coaching and workforce, youth / adult development and performance development. Judith attends Board meetings and works closely with investors & partners to create, monitor and review targets.


Development Manager
Iain M Stewart
T: 0131 333 3003 Ext. 2010
M: 0771 009 0651

Iain joined Scottish Curling in November 2018, coming from a background working in higher education and sports development. He has a diverse remit with responsibilities primarily around participation & membership; he will be leading the Development Officer network whilst managing a number of  programmes including Curling’s Cool, Skill Awards, Try Curling, Club Dev, Camps, Seminars and Future Leaders.


Competition Co-ordinator
Eoin McCrossan
T: 0131 333 3003 Ext. 2012
M: 0773 876 7001

Eoin is responsible for the planning and organising of the full range of competitions, from newcomers to national championships.  He works closely with the Competitions Committee, Umpiring Committee and Rules Committee.



Workforce Development Manager
Fiona Harfield
T: 0131 333 3003 Ext. 2013
M: 0784 188 0546

Fiona is responsible for creating a dynamic workforce of coaches, officials and volunteers to support the development of players and competitions for the sport. She also promotes training opportunities through formal coach and umpire education and ensures the workforce have suitable qualifications, insurance and PVG certification.


Pathway Manager
David Ramsay
T: 0131 333 3003 Ext. 2014
M: 0752 580 7949

David manages the Academy and Performance Foundation programmes supporting selected athletes and their coaches, and has the role of Head Coach at the World Junior Curling Championships. He also supports junior development more widely by providing guidance to junior clubs and through the organisation of junior, parent and coach workshops.


Disability Curling Development Officer
Helen Kallow*
T: 0131 333 3003 Ext. 2011
M: 0759 506 8833

Helen joined the team in January 2017, she has responsibility to recruit, engage, nurture and develop disabled people in the Paralympic sport of curling through the provision and delivery of curling activities and programmes. She supports clubs, ice rinks, coaches & volunteers through the provision of inclusive programmes that contribute to the future success of curling.


Events Executive*
Emma Lynch
T: 0131 333 3003 Ext. 2003




Marketing & Communications Officer*
Pamela Graham
T: 0131 333 3003 Ext. 2004
M: 0770 382 4841



Marketing & Communications Officer
Jamie Fleming
T: 0131 333 3003 Ext. 2005
M: 0751 910 1683



Office Manager
Suzy Wakefield
T: 0131 333 3003 Ext. 2006

Suzy is responsible for the administrative aspects of the organisation that facilitate the smooth running of the office. In addition to this, she is responsible for organising and delivering the AGM and Scottish Curling Awards.




Admin & Finance Administrator
Nicola Glencross
T: 0131 333 3003 Ext. 2001

Nicola is responsible for finance administration and is the Lead Collator for the PVG membership scheme. She also provides administrative support to the Coaching & Workforce Development Manager, and arranges travel and accommodation for teams and officials who represent Scotland at international competitions.



Elaine Mills
T. 0131 333 3003 Ext. 2000




Welfare Officer
Lindsey Booth*
T: 0131 333 3003 Ext. 2007
M: 0783 211 7491

Lindsey is responsible for promoting the wellbeing and safeguarding of participants to allow them to enjoy a positive experience of curling and to encourage lifelong participation. This is achieved by providing continuous support, training and guidance to our clubs, volunteers and staff within this area and acting as a first point of contact for any and all child protection and welfare related enquirers.

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* Denotes part-time

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