Herries Maxwell History

The Herries Maxwell trophy is played between Scotland and the USA. Touring parties travel to play for the trophy on a 10-year cycle. The last tour was in 2007 when the Scots toured the USA and brought back the trophy.

Commander Herries-Maxwell was President of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club in the year 1950 – 1951. He had travelled out to the USA with some fellow Scots Tourists twice during 1949 (1950-51 Annual – pp. 63-64). His photograph, in full Naval uniform, is shown at the beginning of the same Annual. Although it does not state it in so many words, it is assumed that, having in mind fond memories of these visits, and the generosity shown by the Americans to the Scots, together with the Royal Club’s decision to establish a permanent Tour-pattern, he decided to have a Trophy especially created for this Tour and generously donated same to the Royal Club.

A picture of the Trophy he donated to mark the commencement, in 1952, of exchange Tours between Scotland and the USA, is in the 1951/52 Annual – pp. 19. The first Tour took place with the USA travelling to Scotland in January, 1952. The Royal Club President of the time was David M. Hutcheon and it is recorded in the Annual that King George VI died during the Tour – the only sad note.

The undernoted shows a brief history of each tour with the scores (where given in the appropriate Annuals).

Year Who was President Who was where Who Won Scots Score USA Score No. of Shots Won by
1952 David M. Hutcheon USA in Scotland Scots won No scores given, but a report is on page 65 in the 1952/53 Annual.  However, scores supplied as a result of the 2001 Tour:
479 366 113
1955 (not 1957) John Watson Scots in USA Scots won 319 278 41


Year Who was President Who was where Who Won Scots Score USA Score No. of Shots Won by
1962 Festus Moffat USA in Scotland Scots won 367 219 148 (cup actually presented by Comdr. Herries-Maxwell who stated: ‘I look on this Trophy not only as a cup to be fought for but as a token of the good fellowship between our countries’.
Bill Robertson Aikman Scots in USA Scots won 1293 1186 107
1972 W. D. Wilson USA in Scotland Scots won 1041 935 106 (no total scores given so 29 individual scores added up by the writer !
1977 Bob Grierson Scots in USA Scotland won 1216 998 218
1982 Jim Whiteford USA in Scotland USA won 887 909 22 (1st time the Americans won)
1987 Alex F. Torrance Scots in USA (captained by Alex Torrance) USA won No individual scores given in Annuals, but figures supplied as a result of the 2001 Tour: Scots finished 13 shots down.
771 784 13
1992 Charles Binnie USA in Scotland USA won 793 856 63

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